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Choosing an International Shipping Agency

international shipping agency

Choosing an International Shipping Agency

If you’re looking to ship your products overseas, you’ll want to choose a company that offers transparent shipping quotes. Some companies post their rates online, while others will provide you with a quote after submitting your shipment information.

The top five international shipping agencies have excellent customer service and offer competitive pricing. They also offer insurance coverage and customs clearance services.


Regardless of the size of your business, you need a reliable international shipping company to help you meet consumer demand and run a successful ecommerce operation. However, with so many options available, choosing the right one can be challenging. Before you select a company, make sure to set your priorities and understand the cost of different services.

The best way to find out what your international shipping costs will be is to work with a 3PL fulfillment company that can connect you to top companies. This will allow you to take advantage of the same global logistics resources that large businesses have, while reducing your overall shipping costs.

In addition to shipping services, a good international shipping agency will also provide essential support for port, maritime and logistical processes. This can include arranging cargo transfers, crew changes, customs documentation and waste declarations, and arranging essential supplies for the ship. They can also assist with administrative tasks like obtaining access to Siscomex or Mercante.

These services are crucial for the operation of ships, and a shipowner doesn’t always have deep knowledge of the market (suppliers and bureaucratic procedures). Marcio Panisset, Operations Manager at Wilson Sons, explains that “it is impossible for international shipping agency a shipowner to have all of that information.” Hence, it is important to focus on an agency with broad market experience.


Shipping companies need to make sure that all the paperwork is filled out and arranged with local authorities in a timely fashion. In addition, they must ensure that the goods reach the customer in a safe condition. This is why it’s important to select an international shipping company with a good reputation and experience in the industry.

The IMO, a UN specialized agency, sets standards for shipping safety, security and environmental performance. It also works to promote global maritime awareness and education. The organization has offices in over 200 countries and territories. Their work supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Choosing a shipping agency that is licensed and properly authorized to operate in your country can help you avoid scams and other problems. Additionally, a licensed company will comply with the rules and regulations set by the federal government and will protect your business from illegal activities. This is especially important if you are doing business in the United States. Having a US FMC license can help you ensure that the company is following the proper rules and regulations.


Experience is an important factor when choosing a shipping company for international deliveries. Whether you are a business looking for a trusted partner for your overseas customers or an individual who is moving abroad, there are many companies that offer reliable shipping services. Fortunately, these companies can save you time and money by handling the complex process of customs clearance. They can even provide a tracking system to help you keep track of your shipment.

For example, Sealand is an international shipping company that specializes in intermodal transport. They offer a variety of shipping options, including sea, rail, and truck, and they have a network covering over 300 ports in 90 countries. They can ship dry, reefer, and special cargo and have a range of value protection policies to protect your goods. PSS regularly partners with Sealand to ship from the UK to popular destinations such as Cyprus and Malta.

Another leading international shipping agency is Maersk. They specialize in intra-regional shipping between continents and have a wide range of services to offer, including warehouse storage solutions. They also offer a wide variety of container types and sizes to meet your needs.

A top shipping agent should be able to address your international shipping agency needs quickly and efficiently. They should be able to provide you with a quote within two days and keep you updated throughout the process. Additionally, they should be able to provide you with specialized service for remote areas.


The world of shipping is not without its challenges. Cargo shipping is vital for our modern world and provides essential supplies like food, medicines, technology and more. However, cargo shipping is also susceptible to theft and hijacking incidents. To combat these risks, it is important for companies to invest in a shipment tracking system that can provide reliable and accurate updates.

Shipping companies that can offer high-level tracking capabilities are more likely to increase warehouse and supply chain efficiency, as well as customer satisfaction. Moreover, these companies can improve their reputation by addressing concerns about delays or threats to the quality of goods in transit.

To prevent these issues, businesses should choose an international tracking company that can deliver the results they expect. They should be licensed by the relevant authorities in their country of operation, such as the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) in the US. Ideally, these shipping companies should have experience in the cargo shipping industry and be trusted by their customers.

The shipping sector is constantly evolving. Unlike before, when a single company handled the entire end-to-end process of shipping, today’s global shipping involves many handovers between different logistic handlers. International tracking specialists, such as Ship24, are emerging as a new type of player in this sector. They help users track parcels internationally by scanning thousands of logistics companies and marketplaces simultaneously and retrieving the latest status information. Ship24 also offers business-level tracking that allows businesses to receive instant international tracking notifications pushed directly to their systems.