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Vlisco Grand Super Wax

grand super wax

Vlisco Grand Super Wax

Super-Wax fabrics – also known as Dutch wax prints – are a style of fabric that’s popular in west Africa. They’re a symbol of status and pride in African culture. They’re printed with vibrant, contrasting designs and finished with a highly glance finish. Grand Super-Wax is a more luxurious variation on the regular Super-Wax with lavish new gala inspired designs.

Vlisco Super Wax

Vlisco Super Wax is an extra fine cotton fabric that has a densely woven feel. Its most recognizable feature is the large, natural baubling effect that makes it look marble-like. It is often printed with 2 main colours and a third colour is added to accent these two colors. It is a luxurious fabric that has a smooth finish and is crisp to the touch. It is a great choice for formal wear.

The Super Wax fabric was created by Vlisco Holland in the 1970’s and is famous for its duo-colouring and bubbling effect. It is a fabric that is used mainly in Congo, Ivory Coast, Benin and Nigeria. Its style is very unique and it has its own way of expressing African pride and status.

Unlike the regular wax block prints, which use a dye to apply patterns on the fabric, Super-wax uses a wax relief process. It involves coating the cotton with a wax or other ink-repelling substance, then using a dye to color the cloth. The wax is then removed, leaving a beautiful pattern behind.

This process creates a durable and high-quality fabric that can be used for a variety of applications. Its long-lasting color and quality is perfect for making dresses and other clothing, as it won’t wrinkle easily. The fabric is also soft and smooth to the touch, so it will make a comfortable dress.

Vlisco Super Shine

Vlisco Super Shine is a more luxurious variation of the famous regular super wax fabric. It grand super wax has vibrant colourful designs with the famous bubbling effect. It also has enormous highly glance finish. It is made with high premium quality cotton satin fabric. Like all Vlisco fabrics the design is first printed in liquid wax on the cotton satin fabric. Then the base dye soaks in around the wax leaving a deep colour. Then the breaking effect occurs during printing what results into bubbles all-over the fabric.

Then the second colour is added without the bubbling effect and finally the fabric gets its high glance finish. The process takes an average of 27 steps for one piece of fabric. The result is a unique African cloth with an enormous feel that radiates African pride and culture.

Vlisco 1600

Vlisco is a Dutch-based fashion fabric company that designs and produces African wax print style fabrics for the West and Central African markets as well as the African diaspora in global metropolitan cities. Its four brands, Vlisco, Woodin, Uniwax and GTP, each cater to a different segment of the market. Its head office is located in Helmond and its manufacturing facilities are in Ghana and Ivory Coast.

Wax printing is a dyeing technique inspired by Indonesian batik. Wax is applied as a resist, and the cloth is dipped in the first grand super wax dye color. After the wax is removed, the fabric is dipped in the second color. This process is repeated until the desired pattern is achieved. The result is a vibrant and colorful fabric. The fabric is long-lasting and resistant to fading, making it a valuable addition to any wardrobe.

The popularity of the Vlisco brand in Africa reached new heights when it was worn by Michelle Obama on her trip to Ghana. The fabric was a popular choice for women who wanted to express their national pride and celebrate their heritage. The fabric is also used by upscale women who want to make a statement with their clothes.

The Super Wax is a fabric made with 100% premium cotton and is slightly thicker than the Wax Hollandais. It is printed on both sides and has an extra finish that protects the fabric against wrinkles. This means that you can wear the same dress for years without it losing its shape or colour.

Vlisco Grand Super Wax

Vlisco Grand Super Wax is a more luxurious variation of the regular super wax fabric. This fabric has the same double colouring and the famous bubbling effect as a regular Super Wax but it is printed on a high premium quality cotton satin. It also has enormous highly glance finish. This makes it more exclusive and a great choice for more formal garments.

Super Wax prints are known for their bright colours and intricate designs. They’re popular across West Africa and have become an important symbol of African culture and pride. They’re often used to make celebratory textiles, like wrappers and garments for special occasions.

The natural cracking that occurs in the colour blocks of this type of fabric adds to its beauty and gives it a traditional feel that’s unique to West Africa. The fabric is densely woven and the dyes are made in-house to ensure the deepest vibrancy.