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What Is a Contact Smart Card?

contact smart card

What Is a Contact Smart Card?

Smart cards use microprocessor chips to exchange data with card readers and other systems. There are contact smart cards, which require direct physical contact and have conductive contacts on the surface to connect with a reader’s touchpoint; and contactless cards, which communicate over radio frequencies or Near Field Communication technology.


There are different types of contact smart cards, based on the mechanisms they use to communicate with the card reader. Some cards work through contact pads, requiring physical connection with the reader to transfer data. Other cards use radio-frequency communication to exchange information with the reader. The smart card chips inside these cards are embedded in a plastic substrate of choice, such as polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene terephthalate-based polyesters and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene.

There is also a category of hybrid smart cards that can function as both contact and contactless, depending on the application. These have two different interfaces with independent chips that connect to separate modules. They are a good option for organizations and individuals looking to save money by buying fewer devices.

The most common type of contact smart card is a memory-based one, which consists of a contact smart card chip that stores information in memory blocks and can only be read when the card is inserted into the reader. This type of card has a low cost and can be used for a variety of purposes, including loyalty applications and electronic coupons.

Microprocessor-based smart cards are more advanced and can store large amounts of data. They have a microprocessor embedded within the chip that provides dynamic data processing capabilities, allowing the card to add and edit information as needed. These cards can be used for a variety of functions, including security and multi-functionaling.


Smart cards are a form of digital identity that is used to protect sensitive information and allow users to perform secure transactions. The card consists of a memory chip that stores data and a microprocessor. The microprocessor exchanges information with a reader over a contact or contactless interface.

Contact smart cards are the most common type of smart cards in use, and they are often associated with credit cards and ATMs. They have a small, flat contact pad that is inserted into a reader to connect the two devices. These cards are designed to store information in a tamper-proof manner and provide security features, including password protection.

They also offer increased flexibility and usability, as they can be used for a variety of applications. In addition to being a convenient way to pay for goods, the technology can be used for employee IDs and security access control systems. The technology is also being used to make electronic documents, including passports and visas.

The most common use of a contact smart card is to verify the identity of an individual. This is important for businesses that require high levels of security, such as financial services and government agencies. Smart cards can be used to identify people by storing personal information on a microprocessor and comparing it with an existing database.


The security of smart cards is based on their ability to store and process information. They have built-in crypto processors that can verify data and provide one-time passwords. They also offer tamper-proof storage of user and account information. This makes them more secure than other card-based systems like magnetic strips and barcodes.

The chip in a contact smart card can be contact smart card programmed to authenticate identity and authorize transactions. They can also contain biometrics that enable superior two- or three-factor authentication. They can be used for e-government services, financial transactions, health care and transportation. They are also used for identity and access control in government facilities and banks.

There are different types of contact smart cards: dual-interface cards and hybrid cards. A dual-interface card has a chip with both a contact and contactless interface. These cards can be used to transmit a secure code over the contactless interface. These cards require close proximity between the card and the reader, and use radio frequencies to communicate.

Hybrid cards are a powerful aggregation of both types of smart cards. They have a contact chip that can function with a contact pad and a contactless chip that follows the ISO/IEC 14443 standard. These cards can be activated at a bank terminal or with a home-enrollment sleeve that allows users to enroll their fingerprints using the same technology as smartphones. The sleeve contains a sensor that is connected to the chip with Linxen’s turnkey solution PRELAM, which connects the chip to the fingerprint sensor for mass manufacturing with standard card-maker machines.


If you’re considering a contact smart card, it is important to understand the costs associated with them. These cards are expensive to produce and must be paired with compatible readers that are equally expensive to install and maintain. However, these cards offer a number of advantages that make them worth the cost.

For example, they can protect against the theft of confidential information by requiring that users show something they have (the smart card) and something they know (their PIN). They can also help organizations to reduce IT costs by eliminating manual password resets. They can also reduce the amount of time required to complete a transaction by eliminating the need for customers to sign receipts.

These smart cards can be used for several different purposes, such as a transit ticket or a bank card, and are usually more secure than paper documents because of their integrated microprocessors. They are also a great choice for applications that require data persistence, such as health and medical records. In addition, they can be updated with new applications and data through secure channels, allowing you to use the same card for multiple services. This type of card is popular in public transportation, such as Seoul’s Upass, Hong Kong’s Octopus and Sydney’s Opal. It also has a low environmental impact because it doesn’t require direct contact with the reader.

Metal NFC Card Wholesale

metal nfc card wholesale

Metal NFC Card Wholesale

Metal NFC business cards are an eye-catching way to promote your company. They are durable and leave a lasting impression. They also come in a variety of finishes and sizes.

To order, simply choose your card quantity and print features. You can provide your own artwork or request for their design service. Once the art is ready, they will email you a digital proof. Production will start once you approve the proof.


Metal NFC Cards are a unique and effective way to display your contact information. They are durable and leave a lasting impression on your clients. They also have a high-end look that will make you stand out from the competition. They can be used as VIP membership cards, RFID loyalty cards, mirror cards, and more. You can even customize your card design to match your brand.

The process of ordering a metal NFC business card is relatively simple. First, you will need to choose the design of the card you want. You can either provide your own artwork or have the company’s in-house design team create it for you. Once you have submitted the required artwork, the company will email a digital proof to you for approval.

A variety of NFC chips are available for use in metal business cards. The most common is NTAG 213. This chip has a memory capacity of 144 bytes and can encode URLs and numbers. Other NFC chips include NTAG 215 and NTAG 216, which offer more memory space and are suitable for encoding V-Cards and other complex data.

The best NFC business cards are those that are compatible with your smartphone. Vivipins and Taptok are two of the most popular companies that offer contact smart card this service. These companies have a lot of positive reviews and offer great customer service. They are also a good choice for businesses looking to reduce their paper usage.


Metal NFC Cards are a great option for businesses that want to leave a lasting impression on their customers. They can be made from a variety of materials, including copper and brass, stainless steel, and even wood. These cards can be pre-programmed to link to various website and social media pages. They are also great for access control and cashless payments. In addition, these cards can help reduce your company’s environmental impact by eliminating the need for plastic layers and harmful chemicals. NFC is an acronym for near field communication, which is a technology that allows two devices to communicate by touching them together. This makes it easier to share information between smartphones, for example, by sending a link to a client’s smartphone to direct them to your website. Most current smartphones are NFC enabled.

The NFC chip in these cards can be pre-programmed to display a URL code that will open when the card is scanned with a smartphone. These cards can carry a lot of information about your business or yourself, including your name, office location, phone number, social media handles, and email address.

Unlike traditional paper business cards, the NFC chips in these metal cards are protected from damage by a layer of abrasion-resistant polycarbonate. They can also be printed with a custom logo, or even a QR code, to give the card an additional element of branding.


Metal business cards make a strong statement about your company and create a luxury impression on your recipients. They are available in a range of sizes and colors. They also feature NFC chips, which allow them to transfer contact information and other digital data. These cards are the perfect way to promote your business, and they can even be used as a stylish gift.

Vivipins has an in-house graphic design team to help you with your project. They can help you decide what size and shape your business card should be, and can also add custom text or images to the front and back of the card. They can also include your logo and a link to your website. They can even provide you with a digital proof of the product before it goes to production.

These cards are the size of an American black bank card or Apple credit card and have a tap tag NFC chip that relays your contact info directly to a client’s smartphone with just one tap. They are available in both sticker and full-metal options. Embedding the chip in a recessed area protects it from damage during everyday use.

In addition to offering high-quality products, Vivipins also offers superior customer service. Their knowledgeable staff will be happy to answer your questions online or over the phone. In addition, they offer a variety of different payment options, including PayPal and Bitcoin.


NFC digital business cards are a great way to show off your work, but they can be expensive. To keep your costs low, consider buying these business cards in bulk from a reliable wholesale vendor. These vendors offer free proofs and fast turnaround times, which is a big plus for busy designers. Most orders ship the same day, or within a few days.

Vivipins has been printing custom metal cards for four years and has gained much experience in their industry. Their printing processes are high quality, and they have excellent customer service. They also provide digital proofs for their customers, so they can see how the card will look before it goes to production.

Their cards come with NTAG chips, which are compatible with contact smart card all smart devices. These chips can be preprogrammed with a link to your website or app. When a customer taps the NFC chip on their phone, it opens up your website and enables them to make calls, send messages, or open apps without typing anything on their phones.

Blinq is another popular NFC company that offers services for both individuals and teams. Its easy-to-use platform has analytics, CRM integration, and many ways to share information with other people. In addition, it offers a variety of other products such as stickers, key fobs, and smart buttons that can be branded to match your business.