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Acrylic Box With Light

Acrylic Box With Light

Bring a pop of color to your home or office with this acrylic light box. The frame protects the custom printed gloss backlit film poster and illuminates it to catch attention from visitors.

The best way to get the most vibrancy from your print is to use LED art lighting. The best ones feature several settings that allow you to adjust the brightness and transitions.


Capture the attention of customers at home or in your store with an acrylic box with light. These lighted frames are available in several sizes to suit your needs and space. The frame has a built-in LED base that can change colors and lighting transitions to best highlight your collectibles. The clear acrylic cover sits securely on a notch around the base to prevent your valuable items from moving or dirt from entering.

The lighted acrylic panel is ultra-thin and has a bright, modern look that will enhance your display. Its unique construction makes it perfect for a wide range of applications, including retail displays and fixtures, floor lights, and counter lights. It is also a great option for custom signage and artwork. The panel is made from high-quality acrylic and is very lightweight, making it easy to hang.

Bring an artistic touch to your home or office with this ‘Love Wins’ neon sign, encased in a beautiful glossy acrylic box with a mirror back. It’s the perfect statement piece for your wall, or a unique gift for someone special. It also uses safe, energy-efficient LED lights that consume less power than traditional glass neon signs. The acrylic box has nail slots for hanging, or it can acrylic box with light stand on its own on a shelf or table. It includes cable for safe, energy-efficient USB power and has built-in LED lights, so no bulbs are required.


Acrylic is an ideal material for a light box display. It provides the clarity of glass with a much higher impact resistance and sturdiness. This makes it a safer choice for displaying fragile objects, reducing the risk of injury to bystanders and preventing costly clean up. The transparent material also protects objects from harmful UV rays, a common cause of damage in traditional glass displays.

Light boxes are used to showcase artwork, photography, and advertising in public spaces such as movie theaters and airports. They are typically fabricated from translucent plastics such as acrylic and polycarbonates to improve visibility by eliminating glare and hot spots. These materials are also less expensive than traditional glass and provide better weatherability.

The LED lighting in this lighted acrylic box allows for easy customization with vinyl graphics and cut-outs. The frame has nail slots for hanging and can stand by itself on a shelf or table. This bright and eye-catching display is perfect for showcasing custom art at home, the office, or in an event space.

This Lightbox Display with a full color poster is the perfect way to add a pop of color to your space. The lighted acrylic frame illuminates the poster, making it instantly noticeable and eye-catching to anyone who enters your space. The acrylic frame is durable and long-lasting, with a sleek design that complements any decor.


A light box is a flat plastic or glass panel that’s evenly lit from behind to showcase art, photography, and advertising. They’re often used in movie theaters, airports, and commercial businesses to provide a dramatic display that draws attention from customers. They can also be used in scientific research and other fields where high contrast and visibility are important. Light boxes are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to suit any need.

Acrylic LED light boxes are a great way to add a touch of color and style to your home or office. These lightboxes are easy to assemble and come with everything you need to get started. You’ll need to make sure you have a laser acrylic box with light printer and Corel Draw, the software for making the stencil. Once you’ve got those things, start by choosing a design that you want to trace. You can either use a photo or download a black and white image from the internet. Open Google Drawings and put the image in, then click on “Line” there are multiple line choices, choose a curve line.

This gorgeous self-standing “You Look Lovely Today” mini acrylic box pink LED light is a great accent piece for your home or office. It features a mirror motivational sign with pink sparkly glitter lettering encased in a clear glossy acrylic box. It’s the perfect gift for a friend or family member. The base is illuminated by a remote controlled color changing LED, which can switch between 16 different colors and 3 different lighting transitions. It is energy efficient, consuming only 12 – 24W, and is tested and approved to meet all relevant safety standards.


Featuring 16 different colors and 3 lighting transitions, this lighted acrylic box provides a stunning showcase for your collectibles. A remote control allows you to change the LED base’s settings, and the clear plastic cover sits securely on a notch around the bottom of the base to prevent movement or dirt from entering the display.

Bright neon makes a whimsical addition to your gallery wall, bookshelf, or nursery. Use as a night light, or stand on its own on a table or desk. Conveniently powered by safe, low-voltage USB power.

Encased in a gorgeous clear glossy acrylic box, this self-standing ‘You Look Lovely Today’ mirror motivational sign will add a vibrant touch to any home or office. This glass neon has a beautiful iridescent sequins back and is a statement piece in its own right.

Acrylic Box With Light

Acrylic Box With Light

Acrylic displays add a touch of sexiness and personality to any party decor. They are fun, loud, and proud and can elevate your space with a sense of personality that is uniquely yours.

Once the edges are smoothed with sandpaper, it’s time to get the final polish with a flame. This process is done using a MAPP gas torch.

Lighted Display Cases

Illuminated display cases are a great way to attract attention in your retail store. They are designed to showcase jewelry and collectibles. These illuminated fixtures have LED lighting that enhances visibility and brings the items to life. They are available in a variety of sizes and interior depths. Some even have a side plunge lock to secure the items inside.

Lighted Display Cases can also be used in offices, schools and museums to exhibit art, trophies or other items. They are an effective way to draw the attention of visitors and increase the sales of a product or service. They come in a variety of styles and can be customized to your needs.

Whether you need an illuminated display case for your home or office, these LED frames can add a touch of elegance to any room. They can be hung on the wall or placed on a shelf. They are also a great choice for restaurants and other commercial establishments. The acrylic light panel can be used to backlight onyx and other natural stones, highlighting their beauty and making them more visible. It is a safe and environmentally friendly alternative to using traditional fluorescent or LED bulbs. The acrylic light panel can be custom cut to fit any project. It is also easy to install. It is important to use a high-quality acrylic sheet.

Neon Display Boxes

Adding neon to your home is a surefire way to elevate the aesthetics of any room. It’s a bold statement that says you’re acrylic box with light loud and proud of your style and reflects the fun side of your personality. Neon encased in acrylic creates a sleek look and brings a new dimension to your decor.

Colored or opaque acrylic is used to visually frame the neon units like a mat board in a picture frame and helps capture the reflection of the unit, giving it an even more striking glow. This also protects the electrical components as the tubes are seated inside the clear acrylic piece. With this method the neon can be hung from the wall (drywall, brick or concrete) with tube supports that attach to the back of the glass units and a wire that can be connected to a power supply.

Our neon display boxes are ideal for a wide range of uses. Use them as a night light, as nursery decor or to add a pastel touch to any room in your home. They are also perfect for office space as a motivational sign or just to bring some energy to your work area.

We have a number of display cases that are specially designed for Funko Pop collectors that allow them to showcase their collection. These cases are made of CrystaLuxe acrylic that is polished to look like glass and come with a unique neon inner acrylic border. They are the ultimate accessory for any collector and allow them to easily load in new dolls.

Customized Display Boxes

Custom display boxes are an excellent way to increase your brand’s visibility. These boxes are designed to stand out from other items on a shelf, increasing the chances that customers will pick up your product and buy it. These boxes can also be used to advertise discounts or promotions. These boxes are made of a strong material that is both sturdy and attractive. They are available in a variety of sizes, and they can be customized with your company’s logo.

These boxes are great for displaying collectibles, and the LED base can change between 16 different colors and 3 lighting transitions to best suit your products. The acrylic box has nail slots for hanging and stands up on its own, making it a beautiful addition to a gallery wall or bookshelf. They can be powered by a USB cable, and are easy to clean with a dry cloth.

The size and shape of a lightbox will have a significant impact on the light output. For instance, if the box is small and flat, it will require a thinner sheet of acrylic than if it were larger. Similarly, the colour of the interior will have an effect on the illumination. For example, a crystal clear acrylic sheet will reflect light and produce a brighter effect than frosted acrylic sheets.

LED Display Boxes

Light boxes are an efficient way to increase a stand’s visibility and draw attention to products. They use LED lights to illuminate graphics printed on stretch fabric and encased in an aluminum frame. These lights can be programmed to change colors and transitions. They are a great choice for retail stores, museums and exhibition centers.

These displays are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes to suit your needs. They can be wall-mounted or freestanding. Some are designed to replace acrylic box with light graphic film often, while others are intended for a long-term display. Some are edge lit, while others are backlit.

Edge-lit light boxes are more common than backlit ones because they require fewer LED bulbs and are less expensive. They are often used to display smaller graphics and can be single or double-sided. Backlit light boxes are ideal for larger, more complex graphics and may be wall or ceiling mounted.

Snap frames are a popular option for businesses that need to change their advertising frequently. They open and close easily and can be replaced without the need for tools. They can also be wall or counter-mounted, and some come with a hard-wired power source. The snaps can be changed to fit different sized graphics, and some can be used for both front-lit and back-lit designs. These displays are easy to install and can be installed in a variety of settings, including retail stores, offices and educational environments.