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Acoustic Wood Slat Walls

acoustic wood slat walls

Acoustic Wood Slat Walls

Acoustic wood slat walls are the perfect balance of function and form. They improve sound quality while adding visual appeal to any room.

While other sound-absorption solutions can be costly and require invasive changes to rooms, acoustic wood slat walls are both affordable and effective. Here are three reasons to choose these panels for your next project.

Easy to Install

Unlike the old egg carton style acoustic wood wall panels that look dreadful in any room, these modern slatted wood wall panels are visually appealing and easy to install. They are a great solution for reducing echo and reverberation in home offices, studios, and workspaces. They also have a premium acoustic quality thanks to the recycled felt backing material.

The slats are evenly spaced and vary in width, so they can fit any wall or ceiling in your home or business. They can be installed in a variety of ways to suit your interior design preferences, from centering the wall panel for a framed look to installing them flush with the floor. They can even be used to create zones in your office or bedroom and delineate functions with a unique wood design aesthetic.

Before installing your new wood slat wall, make sure the wall surface is clean and smooth, and free of cracks and chips. You should also remove any existing wallpaper or paint. Once the walls are ready, you can start installing your acoustic wood slat wall panels. To make the process easier, use construction glue or grab adhesive to attach the panels to the wall. You can then use a handsaw or circular saw to cut the plywood sheets down into slats. You can also use a track attachment for your circular saw to save time and effort.


Acoustic wood panels work wonders in a number of spaces. They are both beautiful and eco-friendly, allowing you to upgrade your space without sacrificing aesthetics or function. They have a natural feel that complements the surrounding décor and make it easy to create a cohesive look that feels fresh acoustic wood slat walls and modern. These acoustic wall and ceiling panels are a great option for home, office, and studio spaces.

They are created with a luxury wood veneer that gives the panel a unique aesthetic and texture, which is complemented by a sustainable felt layer. When sound waves hit the felt, they are broken and absorbed rather than reflected back into the room, which reduces noise levels and the reverberation that can make conversations difficult.

Unlike traditional sound absorption methods that can be costly and require extensive alterations to walls, wood acoustic panels offer an affordable and convenient solution that can transform any space into a quieter, more relaxing environment. They also provide a stylish alternative to other types of wall coverings such as rugs and drapes, which can make an interior appear less contemporary.

The slats on these acoustic wood wall panels are spaced apart, creating gaps that trap sound waves and prevent them from bouncing around the room. acoustic wood slat walls Behind the slats is an acoustic fabric and insulation that further absorbs and diffuses sound to significantly reduce noise levels.

Easy to Maintain

While many conventional sound-absorption methods are costly and require invasive changes to walls, wood slat panels can reduce echoes without altering the appearance of a room. The slats on these wall panels provide a subtle and clean look that blends with most decor styles. They also absorb sound waves and diffuse them to eliminate reverberation.

In addition to being easy to install, these panels are also durable and able to withstand daily wear and tear. They can also be repainted or stained to match any existing design scheme. This versatility makes them a great option for both home and commercial applications.

To get started, measure the wall and determine how long you need each wood slat to be. You can also mark the position of each slat with a pencil on the wall to make sure you don’t accidentally overlap any slats. Once you have the length of each wood slat, cut it to size using a circular saw or handsaw. Next, sand the wood slat with a palm sander to remove any splinters and rough edges. Finally, paint or stain the wood slat.

You can use pre-cut wood slats for the quickest and easiest installation, but you can also cut your own slats out of sheet goods such as plywood, veneer wood, or MDF. If you choose to cut slats from sheet goods, make sure you buy enough to cover the entire wall area. One 4-foot by 8-foot sheet of plywood yields 90 to 92 strips, each 1/2 inch wide.


Creating a modern space that’s visually eye-catching and acoustically effective can be expensive without the right solutions. Conventional sound-absorbing methods include costly and invasive amendments to walls or quick but ineffective options such as rugs and window treatments. Acoustic wood slat walls offer an alternative that is both stylish and affordable.

The natural acoustic wood wall panels from Slatpanel come ready to install and require no additional materials or tools other than a basic drill and screwdriver. The slats are securely attached to the felt acoustic backing, and the panels can be cut on site for total customization. The result is a decorative wall panel that provides class-A sound absorption.

When the slats in a slat wall absorb the sound waves, they break them up and prevent them from bouncing back into space and causing reverberation. This makes them ideal for any room, including bedrooms, kitchens, offices, and conference rooms.

These acoustic wooden panels can be installed to look like traditional wood paneling or to match contemporary and modern styles alike. They are also an affordable alternative to more labor-intensive projects such as milling boards from rough sawn lumber. Rough lumber requires a larger time investment to plan and sand the boards, and the process can be more complicated if you’re not using a specialty tool like a thickness planer or edge jointer.