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Double Sided Lightbox

double sided lightbox

Double Sided Lightbox

Light box signs are a great way to get your business noticed by customers. They are easy to install and offer a high level of visibility.

They are also great for animators who need to draw multiple copies of the same image in different positions and shapes. This can be a time-consuming task that could cost a lot of money.

Large Format

The large format double sided lightbox is perfect for retail signs that require high visibility. With its LED light technology, this freestanding display is easy to set up and can be used anywhere in your store or shopping mall. It can be positioned facing patrons walking by or consumers inside the shop, depending on your needs.

Each illuminated sign frame is made from aluminum, making it a durable and attractive option for your business. This frame is also available in multiple sizes, so you can choose the size that best fits your space. It is easy to use, with a simple clip open frame that lets you replace the polycarbonate lens and add your graphics. The frames recessed grooves allow for even distribution of the lighting to reduce hot and cold spots.

This mobile lightbox is a popular choice for exhibitors at trade shows. The patented SEGO system makes it easier to transport and set up. The frame is tool-less down double sided lightbox to the feet. It uses magnetic electrical connectors to light up the UL certified LED lights that come pre-installed in the profile. The lights are inserted into the backside of the frame and electrical wires stay hidden from view.

Each illuminated sign frame is a double-sided display that holds (2) 36” x 72” advertisements. It is designed to be eye-catching in both windows and showrooms, drawing the attention of passersby. The frames have a silkscreen acrylic LGP [light guide plattern] for evenly distributing the light over the display to reduce hot and cold spots.

High LUX

This high LUX double sided lightbox is the perfect solution for shops and window displays that require a bright illuminated display. It features a slimline stylish profile and LED technology that offers bright and even illumination. It also features a built-in on/off switch and integral power transformer. The opal acrylic panel in the middle of the frame helps to diffuse the lighting, which is a great feature when compared with fluorescent tube lights that often produce an unattractive yellow hue.

This lightbox is easy to use and can be hung vertically or horizontally depending on your needs. It comes with two feet and an anti-glare lens that makes it ideal for retail point of purchase, trade shows, movie theaters, sports facilities, shopping malls, and other indoor locations.

The frame is made from extruded aluminum and can be painted in black, white or on order color. The front and back graphics are printed on SEG dye-sub fabric panels that easily snap into the frame’s recessed grooves. This allows for fast and simple graphic changes. The LED edge-lit system uses energy efficient white side-lighting to illuminate displayed graphics and save money on electricity costs.

The lightweight, portable display is easy to assemble without tools and can be set up in minutes. It includes a carry bag for easy transport and storage. It is the ideal solution for promoting new products, real estate listings, or anything else that you want to show off in your business.


Double-sided lightbox displays are an excellent way to grab the attention of passersby from multiple directions. They allow retailers to showcase different graphics or messages from both sides of the display, increasing visibility and impact. Moreover, the durable construction of these illuminated signs makes them ideal for long-term use.

Unlike traditional posters, these illuminated frames are made from premium-grade translucent fabric material that evenly diffuses light to enhance the clarity of the graphics or messages. Additionally, the frames are built to withstand dust and other environmental elements. This durability ensures that the signage remains visually appealing and effective over an extended period of time, making it a cost-effective advertising solution.

LED light boxes also consume less energy than fluorescent bulbs, which can save businesses money in the long run. They are also easy to set up and can be used in various locations. They also come with wheeled hard molded cases to make shipping and storage a breeze.

These lights are also an excellent choice for displaying art, crafts, and other projects that require illumination. They are ideal for embroidery, appliques, quilting, scrapbooking, needlework, and embossing. They can also be used in window displays to create an elegant and eye-catching display. They are available in a variety of sizes, so you can find one that best suits your space and budget.

Easy to Use

A lightbox is an illuminated flat work space that allows artists to trace an image or pattern from a source onto a new surface. This is particularly useful double sided lightbox for animators and illustrators who need to create multiple variations of the same subject, as well as artists who are interested in creating intricate patterns or other fine art works.

There are many different types of lightboxes available on the market, and they can vary in size, shape, and functionality. For example, some lightboxes have built-in power supplies that make them easy to set up and operate. Others are portable and can be used on a desk or other flat surface.

Regardless of the type of lightbox you choose, it is important to consider the features that are most important to your workflow. For example, you should consider how much workspace you need and if it will fit in your studio space. In addition, it is helpful to consider the lighting options and what kind of paper you’ll use.

This LED backlit display is perfect for illuminating poster graphics on both sides. It has a sleek, stylish appearance and can be wall mounted or freestanding. Its frame is made of extruded aluminum and painted in black. It also has a 3mm thick opal acrylic panel on both sides. Its edge-lit LED lighting is low voltage and energy efficient, and it’s a great alternative to fluorescent tube lights.

Tension Fabric LED Displays

tension fabric led display

Tension Fabric LED Displays

Backlit fabric displays use an anodized aluminum tube scissor truss frame that holds LED edge-lit SEG fabric graphics. They can be used as a back wall or a full height floor standing trade show display.

Fabric displays are easy to assemble with snap-click poles that hold your custom printed graphic. They’re the perfect backdrop for a red carpet, media event, wedding or photoshoot. They’re also durable, lightweight and can be machine washed.


Tension fabric has quickly become one of the most utilized and sought-after materials in signage and displays. It consists of a polyester fabric stretched over a rigid frame, usually made from aluminum tubing-like hardware that is easily assembled and is lightweight. These frames come in unique shapes and designs, allowing the pillowcase-like tension fabric to take on their shape and fit easily over them. These displays are very durable and can be used for a long time.

Embrace backlit tension fabric displays feature an anodized aluminum tube scissor truss pop up frame with silicone edge graphic (SEG) channel bars that install to hold the fabric graphics and LED ladder lights that evenly illuminate the graphics in single or double sided use. These displays are available in a range of sizes for table top and floor standing use, and each comes complete with a hard shipping case.

The durability of a tension fabric trade show display depends on the fabric type and printing process used to create the graphics. Typically, polyester is the preferred tension fabric material because it holds color extremely well in sunlight and cold machine washing. This is important because it prevents the vivid colors and crisp graphics from becoming dull or dingy over time. In addition, the polyester material is also lightweight and easy to transport.


The lightweight nature of a tension fabric display makes it an excellent choice for trade shows and other events where space is limited. This type of display features a flexible fabric that stretches over a rigid aluminum tube-like frame and is secured with zippers. This frame supports a variety of shapes and sizes including backwalls, towers, podiums, counters, banners, signs, and more. It can also be paired with LED lighting to create a backlit fabric display.

Tension fabric LED displays are made from a lightweight and durable material that allows light to pass through, illuminating the custom graphics. These displays can be backlit with either LED lights tension fabric led display built into the collapsible frames or a separate set of LED ladder lights that hang from the middle of the frame. They are easy to assemble, and come with a molded case for storage and transport.

Another popular type of tension fabric display is the tube-style aluminum frame. This is a lightweight and economic solution for 10 x 10 trade show displays. The frames snap together and the pillowcase-style graphics slip over and are secured with a large industrial-size zipper at the bottom. This method of assembly helps reduce wrinkles and makes the fabric easier to put over the frame.

The frame can be topped with a Heise total blockout fabric graphic, which has a zipper on the back for easy access to the lights and power cables. The LED lights fit into a grove tension fabric led display at the top of the frame and are connected to the hardware.

Easy to assemble

Tension fabric displays feature aluminum tubing-like hardware that snaps together and is easy to set up. These frames come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The polyester tension fabric then slips over the frame and takes on its shape, similar to a pillowcase. The fabric then stretches to reduce wrinkles and is usually secured with hook and loop strips at the top and bottom of the frame or in some cases, zippers are used.

This type of display is perfect for trade shows and exhibits because it can be easily assembled by one person. The anodized aluminum tube scissor truss pop up frame is numbered for straightforward assembly and the backlit LED ladder lights can be attached in minutes without tools. The Embrace is also available in a variety of sizes, making it an ideal option for both tabletop and floor standing use.

If you prefer a less expensive option, consider the WaveLight Backlit 10′ or the Hopup Backlit 10′. Both are very affordable and have a unique style that stands out from other backlit SEG fabric displays on the market. These displays are not as lightweight, however, and don’t have a double sided graphic option. Additionally, the velcro sewn around the perimeter of these displays doesn’t allow light to pass through, meaning that your graphics will be less evenly illuminated than the Embrace.

Easy to transport

The Embrace Backlit Tension Fabric Display combines the convenience of a popup display with the looks of a backlit SEG fabric display. The anodized aluminum tube scissor truss frame has silicone edge graphic (SEG) channel bars that attach and hold the fabric graphics, which are then back lit with LED lighting strips. These lights are installed at the top and bottom of the Embrace to evenly illuminate the fabric graphics from both sides. This backlit SEG fabric display is available in a range of sizes for tabletop use or as a full height floor standing trade show booth. Graphic options include single sided graphics that cover the frame face, or double sided graphics that cover both the front and end caps of the frame.

SEG stretch tension fabric displays are popular for their lightweight, wrinkle-resistant materials and cost-effective pricing. The aluminum tubing-like hardware of these displays easily snaps together, and the polyester fabric “sleeve” fits over and cinches at the bottom with hook and loop straps or zippers. These polyester fabrics are printed using a dye sublimation process, allowing for a wide spectrum of color and photographic potential. Replacement graphics are also available for these displays so that you can change your message as often as needed.

A variety of accessories are available for this type of display, including a portable podium kit and LED stem lighting. It is a good idea to purchase a hard shipping case for your fabric popup, which will protect it in transit.

Boost Your Visibility With Custom LED Letter Lights

Boost Your Visibility With Custom LED Letter Lights

Custom lighted signs can help you boost your visibility on the road. They are also fire-safe and have a longer lifespan than traditional lighting options.

Front lit channel letters are a great option for most businesses. They come in a variety of fonts and sizes, making them versatile for many different business types.

Side lit

Side lit light up signs are a modern and effective signage option for businesses. They can be fabricated to fit any design and brand, and they also require minimal maintenance. The LED lights are very bright and amplify the visibility of the signage even during night time. This type of signage can draw in a lot of traffic, making it an important investment for your business.

Fabricated halo-lit channels are a popular choice for upscale retail stores and office buildings. They use LEDs to illuminate the letter’s face, creating a halo effect that looks very similar to a neon sign but uses significantly less energy. They are durable and come in a wide range of finishes. These channel letters are typically mounted using stud mounting hardware, which creates a 1.5” wall standoff and adds a sleek look to the sign.

FPerforated side lit channel letters are a unique and eye-catching way to attract customers. These signs are made of translucent acrylic and LED lighting that illuminates the front and sides. The back of the sign is stainless steel.

These signs are commonly used for spas, theme parks, restaurants, and hotels. They are also a great way to boost your brand recognition and increase customer flow. These signs are available in a variety of shapes and fonts, making them versatile for all types of businesses.

Face and backlit

The Front and Back-Lit Channel Letters are a classic signage solution for your storefront. Traditionally used with neon, this type of sign is also available in custom led letter lights LED lighting for energy efficiency and long term durability.

This style of signage uses aluminum returns and acrylic faces to illuminate the business name and graphics. The lights can either come through the face or be projected on the wall behind the sign for a unique halo effect. This style of signage is commonly seen in upscale retail stores, law offices, dentists, doctors, CPAs and other professional businesses.

These signs are fabricated with a back and acrylic face, welded together and then painted to match your branding or graphic needs. The lights are embedded into the face of the sign and can be lit in a variety of different colors to attract the attention of customers.

Fabricated Halo Lit Channel letters are a great option for business looking to stand out with a premium look and sophisticated visibility. Available in multiple size and rich stainless finish options, these signs are lit with energy efficient halo LED lighting. The halo is visible even in direct sunlight and can be dimmed or turned off when not needed.

These are metal letters with LED modules welded to the return and a translucent acrylic face welded to the top of the letter. They can be shaped to any contoured letterstyle or logo and are a great alternative to Neon Illuminated Channel custom led letter lights Letters because they are more durable and don’t have the risk of breakage that can occur with neon. They are also less expensive over the long run because of their low voltage and maintenance costs.


If you’re looking for a large light up sign that can amplify your message, you might want to consider a pylon sign. These freestanding signs are ideal for shopping plazas and other large business complexes and offer the ability to display multiple logos without taking up a lot of space. These LED signs can also be fabricated in different fonts and sizes, making them versatile enough for a variety of businesses.

The term pylon comes from the Egyptian word for “flagpole.” Pylons were used to mark a specific spot on a map or as an entrance into a temple. They were usually adorned with low-relief decoration, as well as a simple cornice and torus moulding. These motifs prevented monotony in the imposing pylon-form. The pylon shape is also familiar to us from electricity towers and power lines.

Pylon lights can be illuminated with backlit LEDs or fluorescent lamps, but they can also be left unlit. They can be mounted on a single pole or on twin poles for greater stability. These lights can also be placed in a cover to protect them from the elements.

Hybrid Channel Letter Sets combine two or more of the types of lights mentioned above to create a unique, custom sign. You can choose between face lit, halo lit, and side lit channels for a look that’s perfect for your business. You can also add a flasher unit to enable up to five different flashing patterns.

Fully lit

These signs feature LED lights that illuminate the entire sign, boosting its visibility. They are great for business parks or plazas, catching the attention of motorists and pedestrians alike. In addition, they are a cost-effective and energy-efficient way to attract customers. They can also be used to promote a specific product or service. They are especially popular with businesses in the hospitality industry, such as restaurants, bars, and hotels.

Fully lit custom sign letters have the bright impact of neon signs, durability and environmental benefits of LEDs, and the flexibility to change your message at anytime. They can be fabricated in many fonts and sizes, and they are a good choice for large storefronts or commercial buildings. They can also be used in public spaces like theaters, shopping malls and stadiums to draw attention to the brand name or product.

The backs of these signs are made from frosted lexan, which diffuses the light and creates a beautiful halos around marquee letters. They can be mounted on the wall using studs for a 1.5″ wall stand off to achieve the best effect. They can be face-lit, halo-lit or any combination of those lighting styles. Non-illuminated areas will be painted with opaque paint to match the color of your choice.

Unlike some other types of signage, these signs are not a permanent fixture, which makes them easier to manage and repair. They can be switched on or off with the use of a power supply, and are available in multiple voltage options. They are also designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, making them a suitable choice for outdoor use.

LED Light Box Display Signs

LED Light Box Display Signs

Stylish, bright LED light box display signs that illuminate your message and draw attention. These freestanding displays can be used in a range of retail spaces. They can also be taken to event and trade show stands to increase brand awareness and boost stand visibility.

These backlit displays have a simple tool-free assembly and come with a specially designed case for storage between events. They can be linked together to create large-format l-shaped and u-shaped exhibition stand displays.

They are energy efficient

Illuminated displays and signs are a powerful tool for increasing brand awareness, sales revenue, and customer loyalty. They get noticed 7 times more than non-illuminated signage, studies show. They enthrall consumers and foster intrigue that drives foot traffic and sales. They’re also easy to use, with convenient and simple-to-use snap front frames that make graphic changes a breeze.

Energy-efficient LED lightboxes are the newest trend in custom displays. They’re used for eye-catching applications that reinforce branding and yield significant energy savings. They’re ideal for a variety of retail, healthcare and hospitality applications.

Powered by edge-lit strip lighting, these illuminated poster frames deliver brilliant illumination with no bulbs to change. They’re UL-listed and ADA-compliant to meet code standards, led light box display making them safe for public spaces and easy to install in commercial spaces. They’re also made from a durable material that can hold up to heavy use and resist stains.

These illuminated LED frames offer bright, maintenance-free illumination in our slimmest profile ever! They consume less electricity than fluorescent bulbs, last up to five times longer, and provide significant energy cost savings. Additionally, they don’t contain mercury like their fluorescent counterparts, reducing your business’s environmental impact and supporting green initiatives that many customers now demand from their favorite brands.

They are durable

LED light box displays are an effective way to attract attention in your home, office or business. They can be used for display art or advertising and they are highly durable. They are made of acrylic and feature a gloss backlit film that shines all the time. You can get one in various attention grabbing sizes.

Designed with the latest break throughs in technology, these LED illuminated frames are maintenance free. They consume less power than traditional electric frames and last five times longer. They also feature an ultra thin profile, less than 1” deep, making them ADA compliant and space efficient.

LED back wall lightboxes are a great promotional tool for retail stores, restaurants, entertainment venues, and casinos. They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be mounted on walls or stands. Some are even double-sided, which makes them more attractive and eye catching to passersby.

When choosing a lightbox, look for a manufacturer that is experienced with building these displays and offers a wide range of accessories. Some manufacturers only offer a one-trick pony. If you want a back wall exhibit with shelves, an iPad, literature holders or wings, choose a builder that engineers the extrusion to be multi-functional and stocks a complete line of LED lightbox accessories. This will ensure a high quality product that can be shipped and assembled multiple times for different shows and trade shows.

They are easy to install

LED light box displays are an excellent way to increase store visibility and attract customers. They are available in large attention-grabbing sizes and have been designed to run 24/7 in indoor or outdoor conditions, without the need for a bulb change. These lights are also energy efficient and have a longer life span than fluorescent bulbs.

They can be installed easily in a wide variety of locations, including malls and retail stores. They are also a great option for exhibitions. They provide a unique and attractive look and are easy to install. They are also available in many different shapes and sizes, which makes them perfect for retail spaces.

These displays can be used as directional signage for products and promotions, and help customers find their way around the store. They can also be used as a creative backdrop for retail events or trade shows. They are also ADA compliant and have an ultra-thin profile, so they can fit into tight spaces.

These display frames feature a backlit frame that illuminates custom graphics that are printed on stretch fabric and encased in an aluminum frame. This system is an excellent solution for attracting attention at trade shows and increasing stand visibility. The frames are lightweight and durable, and they come with an easy-to-use snap frame edge that allows you to change your graphics without tools. The frame is graded to withstand indoor and outdoor exposure for years, and it can be mounted to a wall or freestanding.

They are affordable

Illuminated graphic displays are a great way to boost your visibility and capture customer attention. They’re a cost-effective solution for increasing brand recognition and driving sales revenue. These LED light box displays use a frame, a graphic that can permeate light such as duratrans or fabric, and LED lights housed within the frame to make the installed graphic illuminate. They’re available in a variety of sizes and can be wall mounted or free-standing.

Light boxes are a simple and effective way to create back-lit display graphics for commercial, retail, and exhibition stand applications. They are also easy to update and provide a bright, crisp display led light box display for the viewer. There are several different types of LED light boxes, and the right one for your needs depends on the installation type, print size, and frequency of graphic change.

LED light boxes are made from a durable aluminum frame and precision-made fabric graphic stretched for a tension finish. The frame snaps open and closed without tools for fast print changes. The acrylic cover protects the gloss backlit film poster and adds a professional look to any space. Its slim profile makes it ideal for tight spaces and high-traffic areas. LED light frames get noticed 7 times more than non-illuminated signs, studies show. These eye-catching display frames are perfect for highlighting images and artwork at home, work, or as a conversational piece in your business showroom.

Lighted Letter Signs and Logo Signs

Lighted Letter Signs and Logo Signs

Lighted letter signs and logo signs are a great way to grab the attention of your customers. These are especially popular in the service industry like cafes, restaurants and hotels.

Front lit channel letters have a metal sign backer with an Acrylic face that is illuminated from the front with LED lights. They can be made in a variety of fonts and colors.

Side lit light up signs

Custom light up signs are a great way to advertise your brand in high-traffic areas. They come in a variety of fonts, sizes and shapes to fit your branding. They are also more energy-efficient than traditional lighting options, saving you money on your electric bill and maintenance costs. LED lights have a longer lifespan than their counterparts, which reduces replacement costs and downtime for your business.

Illuminated storefront signage draws attention in the daytime and helps customers find their way inside at night. This type of sign is ideal for restaurants, retail and commercial venues. Illuminated storefront signage can be displayed in a wide variety of locations, from small shops to large shopping malls. The panels on these signs can display your company name, logo or other message. They are available in a variety of designs and illumination options, including front-lit, back-lit and edge lit signs.

Edge lit signs are illuminated along one or more edges of the acrylic panel using colored LED tapes or strips. They provide a more subtle illumination than the full-face or front and back-lit types of signs. The engraved letters and custom led letter lights images are laser cut from clear acrylic, which allows the LEDs to shine through. The non-illuminated areas of the sign are painted a color to match your branding.

Channel letter signs are one of the most popular forms of illuminated business signage. They offer a clean aesthetic that’s perfect for modern businesses. They can be fabricated in a wide range of fonts, sizes and colors to suit your branding needs. They can be front-lit, back-lit or both, and some channels use halo lighting to add depth and a more dramatic effect to the sign.

Face and backlit light up signs

Backlit signs provide hands-down superior visibility, readability and distinction compared to other sign types. These illuminated displays can be customized with RGB LED lights for added effect. This means that you can choose a unique light color for your illuminated sign, depending on what best suits the business or brand image you want to convey. Backlit signs are also a good choice for locations that experience inclement weather conditions, like gray skies or snowy afternoons.

There are two primary categories of backlit signs: front lit and reverse (also known as halo) lit. A front lit sign shines light through the letter or image and is visible at night. A halo lit sign has the light source mounted behind the sign, creating a glowing outline or halo around each element of the message. These type of signs are ideal for restaurants, retail shops and other high-end businesses that want a more distinguished look.

Illuminated signs are very popular in the retail industry, especially in small shops, large-scale shopping malls and other retail venues. They help draw attention and attract new customers to your storefront or location. These signs are also used in hotels, theme parks and other service-oriented locations to promote brands and boost customer flow. They are also compliant with city codes and regulations. You can find a wide range of illuminated signage options to suit your needs, from custom light up logo signs to classic marquee style letters.

Pylon signs

A pylon sign is a great way to stand out in a busy commercial area and increase brand visibility for your business. They are commonly used in retail stores, malls and gas stations. They can be illuminated or non-illuminated and are a cost-effective way to advertise your business around the clock.

The graphics on a pylon sign are often computer-generated to ensure maximum precision and appeal. They also use polycarbonate and acrylic materials that are highly UV resistant, so the colors won’t fade over time. Moreover, these signs can be customized to include LED message boards that display important information for motorists and pedestrians like the time, ambient temperature and weather conditions. These messages can also be programmed to be geared toward specific customers.

Other options include using masonry to create a more traditional monument style sign. You can also add spotlights to the pylon sign to increase visibility in the dark. This is especially useful for illuminating your signage late at night.

The cost of a pylon sign depends on the size, materials used and custom options. Larger signs require more materials and may have complex installation processes, leading to higher prices. Additionally, if the sign is illuminated, the lighting costs will affect the overall price. The number of signs you order will also influence the overall price, as larger orders will usually come at a lower cost per sign.

Fully illuminated light up signs

Lighted signs bring a whole new look and feel to storefronts, creating an attention-grabbing branding element that helps businesses stand out against the competition. They can help brands communicate their message and brand story in a way that other types of signage cannot, allowing them to convey a sense of familiarity and comfort for potential customers, even after hours when most other companies are closed.

Illuminated signs are also a great option for businesses looking to stand out in bad weather conditions. Gloomy skies, wintery afternoons custom led letter lights or night-darkened streets are easily brightened by backlit signs, making them a perfect choice for outdoor locations and other locations that would not be suitable for other signage types.

Fully illuminated sign options are available in many different styles. One of the most popular choices is the face-illuminated or halo-lit sign. This type of sign uses LED lights installed behind each individual letter or image, creating a 360-degree halo effect around the letters when they are lit.

Other illumination methods include recessed lighting, which is hidden or partially hidden within the base of a sign to give it an ethereal glow. They are often used with monument signs and can add an elegant feel to the overall design. Gooseneck bulbs, also known as barn lights, are another method of illumination that can be used for some sign types. They can be mounted at the base of a custom backlit sign and are ideal for large, 3-dimensional signage like monument signs.

LED Light Box Display

LED Light Box Display

LED light boxes are a great way to display eye-catching images and advertisements. They are also energy efficient and flexible. They come in a variety of sizes, from ultra-thin LED snap frames to grand-format fabric backlits.

They can be used to communicate a range of information, such as new product promotions or upcoming sales. They are also highly durable and can withstand frequent use.

They are energy efficient

LED light box displays are a great way to highlight your brand and attract attention. According to studies, illuminated signage gets noticed 7 times more than non-illuminated signs. These eye-catching frames are a great solution for retail, events, and even restaurants and hotels. With a slim, ADA compliant frame and backlit graphics, these signs will create an impactful visual display. The snap edge design allows for quick graphic changes, and the LED lights are long lasting.

In addition to providing a stunning visual, LED light boxes are also energy efficient. They use up to 80% less power than fluorescent options, which can save you money on electricity bills and reduce your carbon footprint. LED light boxes are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, and can be led light box display wall-mounted, free-standing, or suspended. These light-up frames are the perfect choice for reinforcing your branding and attracting more customers.

The lighted frames are available in three attention grabbing sizes. Each display comes with a special power supply to keep your poster shining all day and night. These illuminated frames are an affordable way to display movie posters, advertisements, or translusent posters. Choose from the styles and sizes that best fit your decor. You can easily customize your display and change the graphics to match the season or to promote new products and services.

They are flexible

LED Light Boxes add a new dimension to your exhibition stand and work well as an attention-grabbing display element. They can be used as a single display or as part of a configuration, and come in a range of sizes. The illuminated custom graphics are printed onto a stretch fabric panel and encased in an aluminium frame. This innovative technique grabs the attention of passersby, increasing your stand’s visibility and helping you to attract more potential customers.

The frameless LED light box uses backlit fabric to create a sleek look that’s popular in retail environments. The fabric is sewn with a silicone beading that pushes into the channel groves on the frame extrusion, creating a taut, smooth graphic face. They can be fabricated in virtually any size and are easy to assemble.

Frameless LED light boxes are also more flexible than traditional snap frame edge lit lightboxes, making them an excellent choice for fast graphic changes. To change the graphic, simply “snap” open the frame edges and remove or insert the new one. The frame edges are designed to “snap” closed again with no specialized tools.

These lightboxes can be connected together to create larger LED backwall displays or l-shaped LED booths. They can be linked using the quick connect connectors built into the ends of each frame. They can also be connected to power supplies to provide one continuous power cord for multiple LED modules.

They are durable

LED light boxes are designed to be durable and last a long time. They are able to withstand the real possibility of being hit or bumped, unlike fluorescent bulbs that tend to break easily when they get touched. They also don’t require much maintenance as they can stay lit for a long period of time without burning out or needing to be replaced.

Illuminated LED light box displays are a great way to highlight posters and advertisements, especially in areas that are difficult to illuminate with traditional lighting. They are extremely eye-catching and draw customer attention to your advertising, increasing brand awareness and sales. They’re also more cost-effective than backlit posters, using less energy and lasting up to five times longer.

These LED lightboxes are available in a variety of frame styles and sizes. Some are freestanding while others are wall-mounted. They come in both front-lit and edge-lit models to suit your needs. They can be plugged into an electric outlet or hard-wired to a standard power source.

These LED light boxes are a great option for businesses that change up their advertising regularly. The lightweight aluminum frames snap open and closed, allowing for quick print changes. They’re easy to install and simple to maintain, making them a perfect choice for retail locations. They can be used to display your product or service, promote special events, or even display artworks.

They are affordable

Illuminated posters are a powerful marketing tool that can be used in many different ways. They capture the attention of potential customers, which leads to increased visibility and sales revenue. Compared to led light box display non-illuminated signage, illuminated posters tend to get noticed 7 times more often.

The LED light panel displays are affordable, and can be used for a variety of applications. They also provide 24/7 visibility. They are perfect for retail stores, restaurants, entertainment venues, and more. These displays are a great option for businesses that want to attract attention from a distance, but don’t have the space for larger displays.

These displays are easy to use, and require no tools for graphic changes. They are shipped with printed graphics and hardware ready to use. The frame snaps open and closed without the need for tools, so changing the poster is a simple process.

The display is made of an aluminum frame with a translucent duratrans or fabric graphic that permeates the light to accentuate the image. It is then mounted to a wall using the included mounting hardware. The entire unit is UL listed for safety and local code compliance, making it an affordable solution for any business or restaurant. The bright LED lights draw people to your business, and help you increase visibility even when the sun is down.

Acrylic Box With Light

Acrylic Box With Light

Bring a pop of color to your home or office with this acrylic light box. The frame protects the custom printed gloss backlit film poster and illuminates it to catch attention from visitors.

The best way to get the most vibrancy from your print is to use LED art lighting. The best ones feature several settings that allow you to adjust the brightness and transitions.


Capture the attention of customers at home or in your store with an acrylic box with light. These lighted frames are available in several sizes to suit your needs and space. The frame has a built-in LED base that can change colors and lighting transitions to best highlight your collectibles. The clear acrylic cover sits securely on a notch around the base to prevent your valuable items from moving or dirt from entering.

The lighted acrylic panel is ultra-thin and has a bright, modern look that will enhance your display. Its unique construction makes it perfect for a wide range of applications, including retail displays and fixtures, floor lights, and counter lights. It is also a great option for custom signage and artwork. The panel is made from high-quality acrylic and is very lightweight, making it easy to hang.

Bring an artistic touch to your home or office with this ‘Love Wins’ neon sign, encased in a beautiful glossy acrylic box with a mirror back. It’s the perfect statement piece for your wall, or a unique gift for someone special. It also uses safe, energy-efficient LED lights that consume less power than traditional glass neon signs. The acrylic box has nail slots for hanging, or it can acrylic box with light stand on its own on a shelf or table. It includes cable for safe, energy-efficient USB power and has built-in LED lights, so no bulbs are required.


Acrylic is an ideal material for a light box display. It provides the clarity of glass with a much higher impact resistance and sturdiness. This makes it a safer choice for displaying fragile objects, reducing the risk of injury to bystanders and preventing costly clean up. The transparent material also protects objects from harmful UV rays, a common cause of damage in traditional glass displays.

Light boxes are used to showcase artwork, photography, and advertising in public spaces such as movie theaters and airports. They are typically fabricated from translucent plastics such as acrylic and polycarbonates to improve visibility by eliminating glare and hot spots. These materials are also less expensive than traditional glass and provide better weatherability.

The LED lighting in this lighted acrylic box allows for easy customization with vinyl graphics and cut-outs. The frame has nail slots for hanging and can stand by itself on a shelf or table. This bright and eye-catching display is perfect for showcasing custom art at home, the office, or in an event space.

This Lightbox Display with a full color poster is the perfect way to add a pop of color to your space. The lighted acrylic frame illuminates the poster, making it instantly noticeable and eye-catching to anyone who enters your space. The acrylic frame is durable and long-lasting, with a sleek design that complements any decor.


A light box is a flat plastic or glass panel that’s evenly lit from behind to showcase art, photography, and advertising. They’re often used in movie theaters, airports, and commercial businesses to provide a dramatic display that draws attention from customers. They can also be used in scientific research and other fields where high contrast and visibility are important. Light boxes are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to suit any need.

Acrylic LED light boxes are a great way to add a touch of color and style to your home or office. These lightboxes are easy to assemble and come with everything you need to get started. You’ll need to make sure you have a laser acrylic box with light printer and Corel Draw, the software for making the stencil. Once you’ve got those things, start by choosing a design that you want to trace. You can either use a photo or download a black and white image from the internet. Open Google Drawings and put the image in, then click on “Line” there are multiple line choices, choose a curve line.

This gorgeous self-standing “You Look Lovely Today” mini acrylic box pink LED light is a great accent piece for your home or office. It features a mirror motivational sign with pink sparkly glitter lettering encased in a clear glossy acrylic box. It’s the perfect gift for a friend or family member. The base is illuminated by a remote controlled color changing LED, which can switch between 16 different colors and 3 different lighting transitions. It is energy efficient, consuming only 12 – 24W, and is tested and approved to meet all relevant safety standards.


Featuring 16 different colors and 3 lighting transitions, this lighted acrylic box provides a stunning showcase for your collectibles. A remote control allows you to change the LED base’s settings, and the clear plastic cover sits securely on a notch around the bottom of the base to prevent movement or dirt from entering the display.

Bright neon makes a whimsical addition to your gallery wall, bookshelf, or nursery. Use as a night light, or stand on its own on a table or desk. Conveniently powered by safe, low-voltage USB power.

Encased in a gorgeous clear glossy acrylic box, this self-standing ‘You Look Lovely Today’ mirror motivational sign will add a vibrant touch to any home or office. This glass neon has a beautiful iridescent sequins back and is a statement piece in its own right.

Custom LED Letter Lights

Custom LED Letter Lights

Custom LED light signs are an excellent way to draw attention and amplify your brand message. They are a great choice for both indoor and outdoor use. They are also more fire-safe than other types of lighting.

Marquee letter signs have an upscale appearance and feel, they are common in professional businesses like law offices, doctors, dentists, and CPAs. They are also popular in upscale retail stores.


There are a variety of LED lights available in our sign shop to give your business a bright and vibrant look. These signs use a low-heat, energy efficient LED light to create an eye-catching effect that stands out from other businesses in your area. They are also customizable to your preference, with different colors and options for illumination. Additionally, these signs are easy to maintain and can be plugged into standard electrical outlets.

Back lit channel letters, also known as halo channel letters, are the most popular type of channel letter signs and are often seen on upscale retail stores or professional offices like law firms, doctor’s offices, dentists, CPAs, etc. They have a halo around the marquee letters and an upscale look and feel.


A custom LED sign is an excellent way to attract customers and promote your brand. These signs are available in a wide variety of fonts and sizes, and are highly visible even when placed in direct sunlight. In addition, they use significantly less energy than traditional lighting options, resulting in substantial cost savings over time.

Durability of LED channel letter signs depends on their location, weather conditions, and temperature. The harsh sun can deteriorate materials, and the cold weather can cause them to crack. This can reduce the lifespan of a sign, but premium LED bulbs may help buffer this effect.

The most durable fabricated aluminum LED channels are made from impact modified acrylic and aluminum sheeting. These signs are resistant to damage and last for 10 years or more. They are also more resistant to scratching than other types of signage, such as vinyl or paper. They are the ideal choice for outdoor use, but can also be hung indoors. The fabricated aluminum is also very lightweight and requires little maintenance. These signs are popular with upscale spa, theme park, hotel, and restaurant chains.


Custom LED light up signs are much lighter than other types of signage, and are almost completely maintenance free. They can also be controlled by custom led letter lights a remote control to change colors and flash or fade. They use less energy than traditional lighting options and emit very little heat, making them safe for indoor use.

Front lit channel letters are the most common type of storefront sign and can be seen in nearly every shopping mall. They are typically made of solid 30mm acrylic with a back and a face that glows with LED lights. They are powered by a power supply that is on a switch (clock or photocell) and can be controlled with a remote or a timer.

Another popular type of lighted business sign is the Halo channel letter set, which is a back lit channel letter that has a halo around it. These are commonly used in upscale retail stores, law firms, dentists, doctors, CPAs, and other professional businesses. They have a more modern look and feel and can be very striking when displayed properly.

Easy to install

Custom LED light up signs are an effective way to draw customers to your business. They are made of high-quality materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions. The lights are also more energy-efficient than traditional illuminated signs. This makes them a smart investment for any type of business.

They are easy to install and can be set up on a wall or other surface. They are also more durable than neon and can stand up to extreme temperatures, rain, snow, ice, custom led letter lights or fire. These signs are ideal for use in bars, restaurants, hotels, and other businesses that depend on foot traffic to generate revenue.

The process begins with a computer-controlled CNC router cutting the desired shape of acrylic, which is then milled, or hollowed out, to create a channel that houses the LEDs. The opal acrylic or aluminium backs are then fitted to close off the shape and protect the LEDs. The front of the sign can then be powder coated or painted with self-adhesive vinyl, which is usually in the color specified by the customer.


Custom lighted signs are a cost-effective way to boost brand visibility. They can help you stand out from your competition and become a household name. They are most commonly used in the service industry, including spas, theme parks, hotels and restaurants.

Lighted signs require less maintenance and are more energy-efficient than traditional signage options. They are also more affordable in the long run than neon signs because LEDs use significantly less power than other types of lights.

To begin creating your own LED light sign, you must first separate the positive and negative wires using a pair of wire strippers. Then, map out how you’ll connect each letter. Make sure that there are no gaps in the circuit. Once you’ve finished, drill holes for each letter, keeping in mind that they should be a centimeter away from the back of the sign. Finally, connect the copper pads on each letter to the corresponding wires and make an open circuit. A pylon sign is an excellent choice for large light up signage because it can amplify your message and catch the attention of pedestrians.

LED Light Box Display

LED Light Box Display

Illuminated signs get noticed 7 times more than non-illuminated ones, studies show. Light box displays help businesses attract attention with their back-lit graphics and promotions.

The aluminum snap frame edges hold backlit posters securely in place. Graphic prints are easily replaced for new communications. The LED lights have a low electric consumption.

Ultra-thin design

LED light boxes are a stylish way to display your images and artwork at home or in the office. They have an ultra-thin frame profile less than 1” thick, making them sleek and attractive. They are also ideal for high-traffic areas. These light frames illuminate your graphic to draw the eye and create an impact on the audience. They can also help you promote seasonal sales, new products, and other promotional materials. They get noticed 7 times more than non-illuminated signs, according to studies.

They are very easy to use and are a great option for displaying artworks or promoting your business in upscale settings. These displays have a long life span and are energy efficient. They can last for up to 50,000 hours, and they require less maintenance than traditional fluorescent light bulbs. They are also a great choice for those who want to reduce their carbon footprint.

The ultra-thin design of these lights allows them to fit easily into tight spaces. They are made in the USA and have a sleek, stylish appearance that suits most retail environments. They also have a unique LED panel that transfers an equal amount of light to the front and back of the graphic. This results in a vibrant, high definition appearance for your duratrans transparency print. They are available in many sizes, installation types and print frequency to meet your needs.


In today’s competitive marketing environment, a business’s success depends entirely on its ability to capture the attention of the target audience. This is where LED light boxes come in – they play a significant role in boosting a business’s sales and customer base. Moreover, they are also efficient in terms of energy consumption, which saves money on the electricity bill.

In addition, their durable construction enables them to withstand harsh weather conditions and vandalism, unlike fluorescent options. This makes them a led light box display great option for retail stores, airports, hospitals and other public spaces. In addition to being sleek and stylish, they offer a number of other benefits that make them stand out from the competition.

Lightboxes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some are freestanding and can be moved around the venue or trade show floor as needed. Others are hung from the ceiling or wall and can be used in any position. They are easy to assemble and disassemble, making them a convenient solution for multiple venues.

Most lightbox frames are made from aluminum that is of varying hardness and durability. Choose a frame with a 6063 specification to ensure it has superior structural integrity and can withstand abrasion. The aluminum should also have a scratch-resistant coating, which can help prevent the frame from getting marred by rough surfaces. In addition, most lightboxes have silicone edge graphics that push into channels along the edges of the frame for a seamless look. These can be replaced with a new graphic when required.

Energy-saving design

Using LED light panels for poster displays and other illuminated sign holders allows your advertising to stand out from the rest, catching the eye of passersby and drawing attention to your products or services. This energy-efficient lighting is also cost-effective and lasts longer than fluorescent bulbs. It also saves space in your display area. This type of signage is a great choice for retail, point-of-purchase and trade show displays.

These sleek and stylish displays are ADA compliant and UL listed, making them a safe option for any business or storefront. Many also feature a snap frame design that makes graphic changes fast and easy without removing the panel from the wall. This allows businesses to easily update their marketing materials to attract new customers and increase sales.

Most light box display systems use a lens that sandwiches the backlit film in a translucent frame. This allows the graphics to be updated quickly, extending their lifespan and managing moisture condensation. They can also be customized to match the interior design of any retail space.

Unlike traditional light boxes, which often use expensive and difficult-to-maintain metals, LED lightboxes have a durable aluminum frame that is lightweight and incredibly versatile. They can be used as a free-standing illuminated display or mounted to a wall, creating the perfect atmosphere for your company’s brand message.

Long life

LED light box displays are a great way to led light box display boost the visibility of your business signage. Unlike traditional signs, they stay bright for hours and draw attention even in the dark. These lights also use less electricity than their counterparts, making them more environmentally friendly. They are also a safe choice for outdoor signage because they do not emit heat and are resistant to breakage.

The snap edge frame holds backlit graphics snugly in place, and you can choose a high-quality printed graphic from a wide range of options. The lightbox is designed to be a sleek and attractive addition to any display or event. These frames can be used indoors and out, and the lightbox is backed by a sturdy aluminum extrusion to provide superior durability.

These frames are easy to set up and require no tools. They can be plugged into a standard power receptacle and are ready to display. When you want to change the print, simply pull up the top and replace it with a new one. You can even swap out the single or double-sided stretch fabric for an entirely different look. They are lightweight, portable, and compact enough to fit into a bag for easy transportation. They’re also great for businesses with limited space and budgets. They’ll make your signage stand out and get noticed by customers, even in a noisy environment.

Custom LED Letter Lights

Custom LED Letter Lights

Custom light up letters and signs are an effective way to draw attention to your business. They come in a variety of fonts and sizes and are remote-controlled to change colors, flash and fade on demand.

Illuminated channel letter signs can be front lit or halo-lit, and they’re great for professional businesses such as dentists, doctors, CPAs, and lawyers.


Compared to older type signs, LED letters are brighter and can be remotely controlled to flash, change colors and other patterns. They also consume less energy, making them a great choice for businesses looking to save money on their lighting costs. They are also custom led letter lights safer than traditional letters because they produce little heat. These modular letters snap together and are powered by mains power supply units that step down the voltage to safe 12V.

Gemini’s LuxeTM acrylic halo-lit channel letter sign features an upscale look and feel worthy of your high-end establishment. They come in front-lit, side-lit and halo-lit versions, or a hybrid of those three types. Non-illuminated areas are painted the color of your choice for a completely customized appearance.


Custom lighted signs are very durable, making them a great choice for businesses that rely on foot traffic. They can be made with a wide variety of colors, and they use LED lights that consume less energy than traditional lighting options. They are also a good option for businesses that require high visibility, such as restaurants and hotels.

The durability of a channel letter sign depends on a number of factors, including its location and the ambient temperature. For example, a sign located by the beach may be subjected to salt air that accelerates the deterioration of various materials. In addition, sun damage can cause signs to fade over time. However, choosing high-quality materials and LEDs can mitigate these effects.

The best choice for a durable channel letter is impact modified acrylic, which offers greater resilience against fading and cracking. Additionally, these signs can be designed with a front illumination style that creates a vibrant look. Options include rim and return, rimless, or a combination of both styles. Additionally, the lighting system can be configured to emit a cool white or warm red glow. The non-illuminated areas of the sign can be painted with opaque paint in a color of your choice.

Energy efficiency

When it comes to lighting up your business, you need to make sure that the sign is as energy-efficient as possible. Custom LED lights are a great choice for this purpose because they consume less electricity than traditional lighting options and emit less heat, making them safer to use. They also have a longer lifespan than other signage options, reducing the need for replacements and repairs over time.

The most common type of lighted signage is the fully lit pylon sign, which allows you to amplify your message and attract attention from passing traffic on busy roads. They are especially popular in the service industry and can help boost brand recognition, which can result in more customer traffic for your business.

Another type of lighted signage is the back lit channel letter, which illuminates from behind the letters to create a halo effect around them. This type of lighted signage is ideal for professional businesses that want to convey an upscale appearance, such as law firms, dentists, doctors, CPAs, and more.

The final type of lighted signage is the side-lit channel letter, which illuminates the letters from both sides to create a striking silhouette. This type of lighted signage is typically used for smaller messages and can be mounted to the wall or custom led letter lights displayed on a backing panel. They are often used by restaurants, theme parks, and hotels to highlight their brands and grab the attention of passersby.