SunPower Solar Panels Review

SunPower Solar Panels Review

SunPower partners with dealers around the country to handle solar system design and installation. These partners are trained and SunPower-certified.

Sunpower offers several options for home solar energy systems including buying, leasing or entering a power purchase agreement (PPA). Their products include the most advanced panels on the market.

The newest version of their solar panel is the Maxeon M Series. It features a higher wattage and efficiency rating than previous models.

PERC technology

PERC technology is a simple modification to traditional solar cells. It increases efficiency values by up to 25%, and it is also one of the cheapest technologies to implement. The PERC system works by opening holes in the rear surface of the cell to allow more sunlight into the panel. This allows the solar panel to absorb more sunlight and produce more electricity, and it also improves its performance under high temperatures and low-light conditions.

Sunpower uses a patented PERC technology in its Maxeon Series panels. These are the most powerful and efficient solar panels that Sunpower offers, and they are backed by an industry-leading power warranty.

The solar panels in the Maxeon Series are designed with a solid copper foundation instead of a baked sheet of silicon and metal shards, which helps boost energy conversion. This enables the solar panels to absorb more sunlight and produce more electricity, resulting in higher wattage ratings.

Another benefit of SunPower’s PERC technology is its durability and longevity. The solar panels in the Maxeon series are rated to last up to 40 years, which is more than twice as long as the average industry warranty. These solar panels also have a below-average degradation rate, meaning they will continue to outperform conventional models throughout their lifetimes. Lastly, these solar panels are backed by a manufacturer’s solar energy system product warranty and a performance warranty that guarantees 85% to 90% of their initial power rating.

Passivated Emitter and Rear Contact (PERC)

SunPower has been a leader in solar technology for many years. Their premium solar panels are known for their industry-leading specifications. Their high-efficiency PERC cells allow them to produce more electricity than conventional panels. SunPower also focuses on durability and quality. This is reflected in their 40-year product warranty guaranteeing a minimum power output of 88.3% in year 40, which is far better than the traditional 25-year warranties offered by other competitors.

PERC technology uses a layer on the rear surface of the cell to reflect solar generator light that is missed by the front surface of the solar panel. This allows the solar panel to catch more sunlight and improves its efficiency. It also reduces “electron recombination,” which is when electrons gather together, reducing the flow of electricity and decreasing the overall efficiency of solar panels.

Conventional solar panels use metal ribbons that connect the individual cells within a panel. These ribbons are susceptible to expansion and contraction caused by hot and cold temperatures, compromising the connections and leading to lower energy production. Solaron exclusively installs solar panels from Sunpower that utilize a patented connection method called conductive adhesive, which is more durable and maintains consistent performance over time.

Once you decide on a SunPower system, we will schedule an installation date through one of our certified partners. The installation is usually completed in a day, and your solar system will be inspected by your city and utility company to ensure you are ready to start saving on your electric bill.

Maxeon Series

The brand uses the highest efficiency solar cells on the market in their products, which are able to convert up to 22.7% of sunlight into energy. As a result, these solar panels require fewer of them to achieve the power output required for a home, which means that these panels are among the most powerful on the market and can save you money over the long term. Additionally, these solar panels are Cradle to Cradle bronze certified, which ensures that they are manufactured safely and responsibly to promote recyclability and environmental sustainability.

The Maxeon Series is the brand’s flagship product. These solar panels feature a patented metal foundation, high-transmission tempered glass with anti-reflective coating and Class 1 black anodized frame that delivers maximum power output. The 66 Maxeon Gen 6 solar cells in these panels are rated for a nominal DC power of 420-440W before the microinverter and 369-384VA at the AC output.

These panels are designed for residential use and come with a 40 year product and performance warranty, one of the best warranties in the industry. They also have an extremely low degradation rate of 0.2% per year and offer resistance to corrosion, fatigue and hot spots. The brand’s Performance series is similar to the Maxeon, but comes at a more affordable price point for consumers.

Solar Panels

SunPower solar panels are backed by the strongest warranties in the industry. Their product warranty covers manufacturing defects for 40 years, 1.6x longer than the standard 25-year warranty. SunPower’s performance warranty guarantees that panel efficiency will degrade by no more than 0.25% per year after the 40-year period, which is a much lower tolerance than other manufacturers.

The company also offers its own solar battery, which works with the solar panels to store energy for use during low-sunlight hours and power outages. It can be purchased along with the panels or separately.

Customers love the quality of the panels and the warranties. They also appreciate that SunPower is a green company and offers end-of-life recycling programs. Overall, the company has a high satisfaction rating with an A+ from the BBB. The only negative feedback SunPower receives is from customers who didn’t have great experiences with their installers.

The company has a strong network of solar partners. Homeowners can work with a solar advisor who will help them design their system and determine if SunPower is the best fit for their house. They can meet with an advisor online or in person. After they sign a contract, SunPower will take care of any permitting and inspections required by the city and utility company before installation. This typically takes less than a day and can be completed by one of their certified installers.

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