Why Choose SunPower Solar Panels?

Why Choose SunPower Solar Panels?

SunPower designs all-in-one residential solar solutions and offers a top-notch warranty. The company also has an extensive network of installers called Master Dealers that have gone through advanced training and uphold strict standards for customer satisfaction and installation quality.

SunPower solar panels can help you save on your electricity bills, keep the lights on during a power outage and potentially boost your home’s value. They also come with a 25-year product and performance warranty.

High Efficiency

SunPower solar panels are considered some of the best in the industry. Although they come with a premium price tag, their superior specifications will likely save you more on energy bills over the long-term. These panels boast an industry-leading efficiency of up to 22.8% (excluding the budget-friendly U series) and a below-average degradation rate over 25 years, compared to an average of 8%.

They use a unique shingled cell design that improves shade tolerance and reduces the risk of micro-cracking compared to conventional full-size solar cells. They achieve this by laser-cutting standard silicon solar cells into 6 long strip cells and laying them out in parallel with a thin conductive adhesive on the rear side. This design allows for improved shading tolerance and provides more flexibility than traditional full-size solar panels.

Using innovative technological advances, SunPower offers a variety of solar panel products that provide high-performance at an affordable price. The company’s renowned Maxeon series is notable for its patented solid copper foundation that boosts solar energy absorption and enhances durability.

If you’re interested in SunPower panels, contact a certified installer that specializes in their systems. They will request your current electric bill and conduct a virtual property inspection. If you’re approved, they will design a system for your home and send you a proposal. They will also take care of building department inspections and interconnection to the utility grid.

Shingled Cell Technology

With a 40-year product and performance warranty, SunPower solar panels are among the most sunpower solar panels reliable on the market. Unlike conventional panel designs, which use individual solar cells wired in series, SunPower’s shingled cell technology reduces power loss when shaded by allowing each long cell strip to work independently.

To create shingled solar panels, manufacturers cut standard full-size solar cells into five or six strips that are overlaid like roof tiles with rear-side conductive adhesive. The slight overlap between the shingles conceals a single busbar that interconnects the cells. This design eliminates the inactive space between cells that increases panel resistance and reduces overall efficiency.

Aside from increased efficiency, this design also allows more of the panel surface to be covered with solar cells, increasing its ability to capture sunlight. Additionally, it makes the panel more resistant to damage, including scratches and corrosion.

The shingled design also creates a more cohesive appearance, making it a great option for homeowners who prefer the look of traditional roofing materials. Additionally, shingles are designed to be installed on a roof without requiring a separate frame or mounting system.

SunPower’s shingled panels are a highly effective energy solution, and its extensive network of authorized dealers can help you find the best fit for your home. These dealers undergo rigorous training and meet SunPower’s standards for customer satisfaction, labor quality, and other criteria. They can also handle the permitting process and help you make arrangements to install your new solar system.

Wide Range of Installation Options

SunPower has a wide range of home solar energy systems available. You can get started with a free online estimate by entering your address and other information. This estimate will give you a price breakdown for the system and its expected 25-year energy savings.

After you select your system, you’ll work with your local solar dealer to complete the rest of the process. Your installer will design your system and obtain all necessary permits and approvals from your presiding municipality. They’ll also file for any available rebates and perks that you may qualify for.

Sunpower’s panel warranty is one solar panel manufacturer of the best in the industry. The company offers a 25-year warranty on efficiency degradation and panel production. This is a far better warranty than other solar manufacturers offer.

The company also provides a number of different financing options to help make solar more accessible for homeowners. These include cash purchases, solar loans and solar leases. We recommend choosing a cash purchase when possible, as this will lead to the fastest payback period and the highest long-term energy savings.

In addition to panels, SunPower sells a solar battery called the SunVault Storage. This solar battery works with your home’s solar panels to provide power during low-sunlight hours and power outages. It also offers 24/7 active monitoring.

Flexible Payment Options

Whether you want to start saving with solar + storage or are looking for the best residential solar panels, SunPower offers flexible payment options. Customers can purchase their system outright, leveraging federal tax incentives and their utility savings to make it pay for itself, or take advantage of a PACE program, home equity loan or other financing solutions.

In addition to these flexible financing options, homeowners can opt for a lease, power purchase agreement (PPA) or buy-back option. SunPower also makes it easy to monitor your system from anywhere with its EnergyLink mobile app.

SunPower dealers are authorized by the company to install its high-performance systems and go through a rigorous training process, as well as meeting customer satisfaction and labor quality standards. They can also be vetted by third-party sources to ensure their business practices are up to par.

Compared to other solar companies, SunPower consistently ranks highly among customers for its straightforward timelines and installation process. However, their customer service scores have been lower in recent years and some have complained of unresolved issues. This is why we recommend comparing multiple companies when evaluating solar panel manufacturers and installers.

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