The Motorola DP2600e Walkie Talkie

motorola dp2600e

The Motorola DP2600e Walkie Talkie

Motorola dp2600e is a scalable digital two-way radio system that provides operation critical voice communications and powerful data applications. It is based on ETSI DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) Standards and offers an affordable price-point compared to similar analogue solutions.

Communicate efficiently with a single touch of a button. This display radio is designed for work in demanding environments like construction, industrie and security.

Easy to use

The Motorola DP2600e is a cost effective digital two way radio that delivers best in class audio in a scalable solution for your business. It is available as a VHF or UHF model with an impressive channel capacity of 128 channels. It is also designed to enhance productivity with a variety of premium Motorola features such as IMPRES audio that provides consistent sound quality in challenging environments and SINC+ advanced noise cancellation. Additionally, the DP2600e is backed by Motorola’s Service from the Start programme which includes multi-year warranty coverage as well as access to a global network of highly trained support technicians.

The DP2600e has a 2-line display with a partial keypad and 4 programmable buttons which helps to improve ease of use, particularly when users need to access certain features. The DP2600e is also certified HazLoc TIA4950 so that it can be used in hazardous locations and provides enhanced safety through instant push-to-talk communications, as well as privacy options and remote disablement of lost radios.

Motorola offers a wide range of accessories to help improve the functionality of the DP2600e. For example, external loud speakers can be added to help increase the volume of broadcasts in noisy environments, and desktop trays allow for easy placement of mobile radios on desks whilst keeping them organised. In addition to this, the DP2600e can be fitted with GPS antennas which can be mounted via glass-, magnetic- or through hole mounting, simplifying vehicle installations.

128 channel capacity

The Motorola DP2600e is a cost-effective digital two-way radio that provides superior audio quality, improved performance and day-in, day-out durability. This robust walkie talkie is IP67 rated, meaning it can be used in any environment including extremes of temperature and humidity. It has the ability to operate in different modes, including digital and analogue, so it is a great choice for organisations with existing analogue devices.

It features 128 channel capacity, providing a large number of channels for communication and it can be operated on either UHF or VHF frequencies. The DP2600e is designed to meet the demands of demanding environments and has undergone rigorous testing to ensure it can withstand harsh working conditions. This includes being subjected to rigorous sand, dust and water motorola dp2600e tests. It has also passed U.S military standards specifications (MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G) and Motorola’s own rigorous Accredited Life Testing.

The Motorola DP2600e has an intelligent audio processing system, which means that your voice will always be clear and easy to understand, even in loud or noisy working environments. This is thanks to the SINC+ noise cancellation technology which makes sure that your messages are heard, irrespective of ambient sounds. The DP2600e also has basic and enhanced privacy encryption to ensure that private conversations can take place between team members. It is one of the safest radios on the market and is programmed with Lone Worker remote monitoring and emergency alert functionality as standard.

IP67 rated

The Motorola DP2600e is a cost-effective digital hand portable radio that delivers superior audio quality, improved performance and day-in, day-out durability. It offers up to 28 hours of battery life and is IP67 rated, protecting the device against dust intrusion as well as water jets projected at any angle. This makes it ideal for use in industries such as events, stadia, marine and education where users are constantly on the move and need to communicate with colleagues across multiple areas of operation.

The DP2600e offers instant push-to-talk communications with clear, loud audio that can be heard over background noise. The radio is designed to fit into your organisation today and grow with you as you evolve. It features systems support, basic trunking and analog technology, as well as the ability to upgrade to digital at your own pace.

Motorola’s best-ever audio technology includes SINC+ advanced noise cancellation, which ensures your voice is loud and clear, no matter where you are. The DP2600e also uses digital communication, which transmits up to 20% further than analog and provides caller ID so you can see who is calling. Moreover, it is compatible with Motorola’s IMPRES smart energy system, which allows you to extend your battery life up to 30%. This gives you more time to work. The DP2600e is available in both UHF and VHF frequency bands and can be bought individually or in a six-pack bundle.

Battery life

The Motorola Solutions DP2600e is an impressive two way radio within the MOTOTRBO range. Designed to offer dynamic communications and seamless connectivity this radio can be used by those in retail, public services, or other industries in need of cost effective connectivity. With a simple keypad and display this radio is easy to use and comes with many features that will aid those in their daily roles.

This includes Lone Worker remote monitoring as standard which ensures workers are monitored and protected at all times. It also has an emergency alert button which can be activated to call for help. Privacy options are included to prevent others listening in, and a programmable emergency text motorola dp2600e function allows non-verbal communication to be sent with the press of a button. For added safety there are even lone worker voice-actuated microphones available.

As with the rest of the DP2000e range the DP2600e includes Motorola’s best ever audio technology. This ensures that messages are clearly intelligible and SINC+ advanced noise cancellation provides consistent sound quality, no matter where you are working. This radio also has a new receiver which boosts range by up to 8% making it even easier to stay connected.

To improve battery fleet management the DP2600e has IMPRES smart energy system which optimizes performance, providing up to 29 hours of operation. It uses a network of data readers and charger interface units to record battery usage and charge cycles. It also enables radio battery status to be displayed on the screen and provides remote diagnostics. It is compatible with all IMPRES chargers and works in all Motorola DP2000e, DP3000e and DP4000e radios.

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