Tension Fabric LED Displays

tension fabric led display

Tension Fabric LED Displays

Backlit fabric displays use an anodized aluminum tube scissor truss frame that holds LED edge-lit SEG fabric graphics. They can be used as a back wall or a full height floor standing trade show display.

Fabric displays are easy to assemble with snap-click poles that hold your custom printed graphic. They’re the perfect backdrop for a red carpet, media event, wedding or photoshoot. They’re also durable, lightweight and can be machine washed.


Tension fabric has quickly become one of the most utilized and sought-after materials in signage and displays. It consists of a polyester fabric stretched over a rigid frame, usually made from aluminum tubing-like hardware that is easily assembled and is lightweight. These frames come in unique shapes and designs, allowing the pillowcase-like tension fabric to take on their shape and fit easily over them. These displays are very durable and can be used for a long time.

Embrace backlit tension fabric displays feature an anodized aluminum tube scissor truss pop up frame with silicone edge graphic (SEG) channel bars that install to hold the fabric graphics and LED ladder lights that evenly illuminate the graphics in single or double sided use. These displays are available in a range of sizes for table top and floor standing use, and each comes complete with a hard shipping case.

The durability of a tension fabric trade show display depends on the fabric type and printing process used to create the graphics. Typically, polyester is the preferred tension fabric material because it holds color extremely well in sunlight and cold machine washing. This is important because it prevents the vivid colors and crisp graphics from becoming dull or dingy over time. In addition, the polyester material is also lightweight and easy to transport.


The lightweight nature of a tension fabric display makes it an excellent choice for trade shows and other events where space is limited. This type of display features a flexible fabric that stretches over a rigid aluminum tube-like frame and is secured with zippers. This frame supports a variety of shapes and sizes including backwalls, towers, podiums, counters, banners, signs, and more. It can also be paired with LED lighting to create a backlit fabric display.

Tension fabric LED displays are made from a lightweight and durable material that allows light to pass through, illuminating the custom graphics. These displays can be backlit with either LED lights tension fabric led display built into the collapsible frames or a separate set of LED ladder lights that hang from the middle of the frame. They are easy to assemble, and come with a molded case for storage and transport.

Another popular type of tension fabric display is the tube-style aluminum frame. This is a lightweight and economic solution for 10 x 10 trade show displays. The frames snap together and the pillowcase-style graphics slip over and are secured with a large industrial-size zipper at the bottom. This method of assembly helps reduce wrinkles and makes the fabric easier to put over the frame.

The frame can be topped with a Heise total blockout fabric graphic, which has a zipper on the back for easy access to the lights and power cables. The LED lights fit into a grove tension fabric led display at the top of the frame and are connected to the hardware.

Easy to assemble

Tension fabric displays feature aluminum tubing-like hardware that snaps together and is easy to set up. These frames come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The polyester tension fabric then slips over the frame and takes on its shape, similar to a pillowcase. The fabric then stretches to reduce wrinkles and is usually secured with hook and loop strips at the top and bottom of the frame or in some cases, zippers are used.

This type of display is perfect for trade shows and exhibits because it can be easily assembled by one person. The anodized aluminum tube scissor truss pop up frame is numbered for straightforward assembly and the backlit LED ladder lights can be attached in minutes without tools. The Embrace is also available in a variety of sizes, making it an ideal option for both tabletop and floor standing use.

If you prefer a less expensive option, consider the WaveLight Backlit 10′ or the Hopup Backlit 10′. Both are very affordable and have a unique style that stands out from other backlit SEG fabric displays on the market. These displays are not as lightweight, however, and don’t have a double sided graphic option. Additionally, the velcro sewn around the perimeter of these displays doesn’t allow light to pass through, meaning that your graphics will be less evenly illuminated than the Embrace.

Easy to transport

The Embrace Backlit Tension Fabric Display combines the convenience of a popup display with the looks of a backlit SEG fabric display. The anodized aluminum tube scissor truss frame has silicone edge graphic (SEG) channel bars that attach and hold the fabric graphics, which are then back lit with LED lighting strips. These lights are installed at the top and bottom of the Embrace to evenly illuminate the fabric graphics from both sides. This backlit SEG fabric display is available in a range of sizes for tabletop use or as a full height floor standing trade show booth. Graphic options include single sided graphics that cover the frame face, or double sided graphics that cover both the front and end caps of the frame.

SEG stretch tension fabric displays are popular for their lightweight, wrinkle-resistant materials and cost-effective pricing. The aluminum tubing-like hardware of these displays easily snaps together, and the polyester fabric “sleeve” fits over and cinches at the bottom with hook and loop straps or zippers. These polyester fabrics are printed using a dye sublimation process, allowing for a wide spectrum of color and photographic potential. Replacement graphics are also available for these displays so that you can change your message as often as needed.

A variety of accessories are available for this type of display, including a portable podium kit and LED stem lighting. It is a good idea to purchase a hard shipping case for your fabric popup, which will protect it in transit.

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