John Deere LED Work Light

John Deere LED Work Light

John Deere LED Work Light

LED lights are becoming a hot item in the agricultural industry. They’re a great option for tractor owners that want to improve visibility without having to pay for expensive modifications or upgrades.

These cab lights fit into the original light housing for halogen lamps and are easy to install. They also don’t interfere with the machine’s wiring.

Brighter Light

The LED work lights on John Deere tractors are much brighter than the standard halogen bulbs. The intense brightness allows you to see farther and more clearly so that you can operate your equipment safely at night. LED lights also create less glare, which can reduce the stress on your eyes. They are also more durable, with polycarbonate lenses that resist damage and die-cast aluminum housings that are strong and sturdy.

In addition to being a lot brighter than halogen lights, LED work lights are more energy efficient. They consume about 80 percent John Deere LED Work Light less electricity than halogen bulbs, which can help you save on your fuel costs. The reduced electrical consumption of LED lights is also easier on your tractor’s battery and alternator.

Another advantage of LED lights is that they don’t produce as much heat as halogen or HID lights. This means that they aren’t as hot to the touch, which can make working on your machine more comfortable for you. However, you should avoid touching an LED bulb while it is still warm to the touch because it may burn your hands.

This recessed 50 watt LED light is designed as a direct replacement for the cab lights on premium John Deere 20/30 series tractors. It’s an oval-shaped light that has been designed to keep the original appearance of the cab lights so you can enjoy the benefits of an improved work light without ruining the look of your vehicle.

Longer Lifespan

LED lights are not only more effective in the field, but they also last much longer than HID bulbs and halogens. This translates to a reduction in the number of times you need to replace your work lights. This, in turn, can save you time and money on maintenance professionals and replacement costs.

Despite being more expensive than halogen or HID lights, the initial investment in LEDs pays for itself many times over due to their long lifespan. The average lifespan of an LED is between 30,000 and 50,000 hours – far outliving the lifetime of halogen bulbs, which can reach a maximum of 2,000 hours.

When you do need to replace your LED work light, the process is simple and quick. They are designed to use the same connectors as sealed beam lights, so there is no need for any additional wiring. Additionally, John Deere’s LED lights are built to OEM specifications to make installation a breeze.

The RE575338 LED work light features an impressive output of 2130 effective lumens – doubling the brightness of previous lights. Whether mounted on the fender, under cab roof, or as a pedestal light, these high-powered LEDs will allow you to see your work in full detail and eliminate eye strain during nightly fieldwork.

Less Electricity

LED work lights aren’t just brighter than halogen bulbs but they also use less electricity. This means you’ll see more of your tractor’s cab with the same amount of light that you’re used to. In addition to this, the light won’t put as much strain on your tractor’s battery or alternator. This will make your equipment more dependable in the long run and it’ll reduce service costs.

John Deere LEDs are designed to meet OEM specifications and fit existing housings on your machine meaning that upgrading is a quick and easy process. This makes them a great option for anyone looking to add more radiance to their night shifts without having to deal with the headache and expense of HID work lights.

With their ability to illuminate wider areas and reduce eye fatigue, these LED work lights will help you stay more productive during your night shift. These benefits will have you seeing more of your field and completing your tasks in less time, saving you both time and money.

At UTV Products, we’ve seen a big spike in interest from customers looking to upgrade their John Deere Gator with our LED grill work lights. We’ve priced genuine halogen work lights from John Deere and Case IH to compare their pricing with our own high-quality LEDs, which are manufactured by John Deere LED Work Light us here in the USA. The results of our research have shown that you can get a high-quality, OEM-style LED replacement for your tractor for half the price that the original bulbs cost.

Easy to Install

When harvesting or field work doesn’t stop when the sun goes down you need a quality LED light that illuminates farther and wider. NORDIC LIGHTS LED lights are designed to do just that and more with a brighter, longer-lasting design that installs in seconds while maintaining the OEM look of your John Deere tractor or sprayer.

Whether you need to see down the rows or around a curve, our premium LED lights turn night into day by using advanced technology to illuminate your tractor and agricultural equipment up to 330% brighter than halogen. Plus, our LEDs use less power to operate meaning you save on electrical consumption making them a great choice for your farm vehicle’s battery and alternator.

The LLP-JD-TR-4430-V1 LED light set is a drop-in replacement for the front upper cab, rear fender and work lights on John Deere 4430 Series Tractors. It uses the original mount configuration and wiring for a quick and easy installation.

The LP-JD-TR-4430-V1 includes four LED lights; two with flood beams and two with spot beams. They will replace the center grill lights on your tractors and are compatible with John Deere headlights part number RE209455, 57539115 or 566701D1. These 4″ LED lights also fit CaseIH tractors with small grill lights and can be used as replacements for those. The 4″ LED light has 2 10 watt CREE led chips and a 60 degree light pattern.

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