Top 5 iPhone Cases

iPhone Case

Top 5 iPhone Cases

An iPhone case is essential if you want to protect your phone from smashed screens or a dead battery. A good case will also help your phone look pristine when you’re ready to sell it.

Looking for a slim clear case that’ll let you show off your new iPhone? The Speck Gemshell is a great choice. It’s made from polycarbonate with anti-yellowing technology to ensure it stays clear over time.

Speck Gemshell

Unlike some clear cases, this one doesn’t turn yellow over time. It also features a magnetic HaloLock that aligns perfectly with your MagSafe charger, and it resists scratches from abrasive objects like keys. It’s easy to grip thanks to innovative raised ridges, and it protects against drops up to 8 feet.

It’s one of the best options iPhone Case if you’re looking for a stylish, protective case that lets your iPhone’s sleek design shine through. The flexible materials are strong, but still lightweight and pop on and off easily. It’s also designed to allow for wireless charging, and it comes with an antimicrobial treatment from Microban that reduces bacteria by 99%.

The GemShell Grip is a crystal-clear, slim case that offers innovative raised ridges for a no-slip grip. Its transparent back shows off your device’s design, and it includes a Polycarbonate layer with a second TPU layer around the edges to protect your screen from damage when your phone drops face-down. It’s independently lab-tested for real-life situations, including extreme drops and temperatures, chemicals, antenna interference, cracks, and abrasions, and device bending.


Pela is the world’s first fully compostable phone case. The cases are made of a blend of plant-based biopolymer and flax shive that is both soft and sturdy. They are free from harmful chemicals, such as cadmium and lead. They are also BPA-free and phthalate-free. The company’s production process is carbon-neutral and they use recycled paper for packaging.

The Pela cases are backed by a 100% happiness guarantee and a lifetime warranty. If you’re not happy with your case, the company will work towards a resolution.

In addition to offering a wide selection of colors and designs, Pela’s cases are soft and flexible with just the right amount of grip. They’re also lightweight. Pela’s cases fit a range of phones, from the latest iPhone 13 to older models. In fact, you can even add a MagSafe module for just $5, which makes your case compatible with MagSafe accessories.

OtterBox Clear Case

This clear case is designed to show off the sleek design of your iPhone while still providing durable protection. It features beveled edges to better defend the screen from damage and is slim enough to fit easily into your handbag or pocket. The case is also available in a variety of colorways and designs to suit your personality.

If you want to protect your new iPhone without sacrificing its looks, this clear case from Otterbox is the perfect solution. It is slim and lightweight, but it offers military-grade drop protection. It also has a built-in screen protector, port covers, and an anti-microbial layer.

The Otterbox Defender series is one of the more rugged cases on the market, and it’s ideal for active people who want to protect their phones from dirt and dust. It features a synthetic rubber inner layer that locks into a plastic protective outer shell, and it’s available for most major smartphones. It also comes with a belt clip holster.

OtterBox Nautical Case

The Otterbox Nautical Case combines heavy-duty protection with a slim and flattering transparency. It uses a combination of a hard PC back and a flexible TPU frame to guard against bumps and scratches. A curved design is easy to grip, while precise cutouts make it easy to access buttons and ports. Newer cases also feature an anti-microbial coating to keep germs away from your phone.

The case is rated IP68, meaning it can be submerged in water up to six feet for up to an hour. It also features a raised lip that protects the camera lens and flash, and watertight port covers. The case also supports wireless charging, and it doesn’t muffle audio like some other waterproof cases do.

The Defender Series is a bit overkill for some users, but it offers up to three times the drop protection of standard polycarbonate cases. It’s also one of the thinnest cases offered by Otterbox, and it comes in a variety of colors. It also supports MagSafe accessories and has a clear design that shows off your device.

Mophie Juice Pack Plus

Mophie’s juice pack access is a case that offers an impressive amount of power to keep your iPhone going. The battery is built into the bottom of the case and charges via Qi wireless charging. It’s also part of Apple’s ‘Made for iPhone’ program. This latest model adds to the previous generation’s excellent looks with added shock protection.

The unique design of the case leaves full port access for Lightning headphones and other accessories while charging your phone. It’s also iPhone Case compatible with 3.5 mm wired hands-free kits.

The case snaps apart in two segments making it easy to insert or remove your iPhone. The segments are held together with ultrasonic welding that is claimed to create a nearly unbreakable bond. There are LED status lights that let you know the battery is charging, at full capacity or running low. It also supports priority charging, ensuring that your iPhone gets charged before the case itself. It also has openings that redirect sound from your earphones and speakers to the front improving audio quality. The case also includes a USB port to allow for data connectivity.

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