LED Light Box Display Signs

LED Light Box Display Signs

Stylish, bright LED light box display signs that illuminate your message and draw attention. These freestanding displays can be used in a range of retail spaces. They can also be taken to event and trade show stands to increase brand awareness and boost stand visibility.

These backlit displays have a simple tool-free assembly and come with a specially designed case for storage between events. They can be linked together to create large-format l-shaped and u-shaped exhibition stand displays.

They are energy efficient

Illuminated displays and signs are a powerful tool for increasing brand awareness, sales revenue, and customer loyalty. They get noticed 7 times more than non-illuminated signage, studies show. They enthrall consumers and foster intrigue that drives foot traffic and sales. They’re also easy to use, with convenient and simple-to-use snap front frames that make graphic changes a breeze.

Energy-efficient LED lightboxes are the newest trend in custom displays. They’re used for eye-catching applications that reinforce branding and yield significant energy savings. They’re ideal for a variety of retail, healthcare and hospitality applications.

Powered by edge-lit strip lighting, these illuminated poster frames deliver brilliant illumination with no bulbs to change. They’re UL-listed and ADA-compliant to meet code standards, led light box display making them safe for public spaces and easy to install in commercial spaces. They’re also made from a durable material that can hold up to heavy use and resist stains.

These illuminated LED frames offer bright, maintenance-free illumination in our slimmest profile ever! They consume less electricity than fluorescent bulbs, last up to five times longer, and provide significant energy cost savings. Additionally, they don’t contain mercury like their fluorescent counterparts, reducing your business’s environmental impact and supporting green initiatives that many customers now demand from their favorite brands.

They are durable

LED light box displays are an effective way to attract attention in your home, office or business. They can be used for display art or advertising and they are highly durable. They are made of acrylic and feature a gloss backlit film that shines all the time. You can get one in various attention grabbing sizes.

Designed with the latest break throughs in technology, these LED illuminated frames are maintenance free. They consume less power than traditional electric frames and last five times longer. They also feature an ultra thin profile, less than 1” deep, making them ADA compliant and space efficient.

LED back wall lightboxes are a great promotional tool for retail stores, restaurants, entertainment venues, and casinos. They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be mounted on walls or stands. Some are even double-sided, which makes them more attractive and eye catching to passersby.

When choosing a lightbox, look for a manufacturer that is experienced with building these displays and offers a wide range of accessories. Some manufacturers only offer a one-trick pony. If you want a back wall exhibit with shelves, an iPad, literature holders or wings, choose a builder that engineers the extrusion to be multi-functional and stocks a complete line of LED lightbox accessories. This will ensure a high quality product that can be shipped and assembled multiple times for different shows and trade shows.

They are easy to install

LED light box displays are an excellent way to increase store visibility and attract customers. They are available in large attention-grabbing sizes and have been designed to run 24/7 in indoor or outdoor conditions, without the need for a bulb change. These lights are also energy efficient and have a longer life span than fluorescent bulbs.

They can be installed easily in a wide variety of locations, including malls and retail stores. They are also a great option for exhibitions. They provide a unique and attractive look and are easy to install. They are also available in many different shapes and sizes, which makes them perfect for retail spaces.

These displays can be used as directional signage for products and promotions, and help customers find their way around the store. They can also be used as a creative backdrop for retail events or trade shows. They are also ADA compliant and have an ultra-thin profile, so they can fit into tight spaces.

These display frames feature a backlit frame that illuminates custom graphics that are printed on stretch fabric and encased in an aluminum frame. This system is an excellent solution for attracting attention at trade shows and increasing stand visibility. The frames are lightweight and durable, and they come with an easy-to-use snap frame edge that allows you to change your graphics without tools. The frame is graded to withstand indoor and outdoor exposure for years, and it can be mounted to a wall or freestanding.

They are affordable

Illuminated graphic displays are a great way to boost your visibility and capture customer attention. They’re a cost-effective solution for increasing brand recognition and driving sales revenue. These LED light box displays use a frame, a graphic that can permeate light such as duratrans or fabric, and LED lights housed within the frame to make the installed graphic illuminate. They’re available in a variety of sizes and can be wall mounted or free-standing.

Light boxes are a simple and effective way to create back-lit display graphics for commercial, retail, and exhibition stand applications. They are also easy to update and provide a bright, crisp display led light box display for the viewer. There are several different types of LED light boxes, and the right one for your needs depends on the installation type, print size, and frequency of graphic change.

LED light boxes are made from a durable aluminum frame and precision-made fabric graphic stretched for a tension finish. The frame snaps open and closed without tools for fast print changes. The acrylic cover protects the gloss backlit film poster and adds a professional look to any space. Its slim profile makes it ideal for tight spaces and high-traffic areas. LED light frames get noticed 7 times more than non-illuminated signs, studies show. These eye-catching display frames are perfect for highlighting images and artwork at home, work, or as a conversational piece in your business showroom.

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