Upgrade Your Headlights With a Bi Xenon Projector Lens

Upgrade Your Headlights With a Bi Xenon Projector Lens

If you want to upgrade your headlights with a powerful bright high beam, we highly recommend this bi xenon projector lens. It will give you an unexpectd new visual experience when driving on the road.

It includes a cutting shield, solenoid and a xenon bulb. When the solenoid is energized, it will push or pull the cutoff shield and create a high beam.

High & Low Beam

A bi xenon projector lens has both a high and low beam. Inside the projector, there is a light cutoff shield that is on a hinge. When the car is armed for high beam, the solenoid sends power across and pulls or pushes this shield down, bi xenon projector lens thus exposing more of the projector lens and creating the high beam pattern. When the high beam is deactivated, the cutoff shield goes back to its normal position.

When you use a bi xenon projector lens, it is much easier to switch between high and low beams without causing glare for other drivers on the road. Some people try to install a simple plug and play xenon kit (without the projectors) into their car headlights. But this will not be safe for you and other drivers on the road. Your car headlights were originally designed for halogen bulbs and the xenon bulb generates high temperatures that will distort the original chrome reflector bowl.

A bi xenon projector lens will solve this problem and will help you drive safely at night. When you buy a projector lens, make sure it meets your country driving standard. For instance, if your country drives on the LHD, you should get a LHD projector lens. Similarly, for RHD countries, you should buy an RHD projector lens.

Dual High Beam

Many people today choose to throw a simple plug and play xenon kit (without projectors) into their car in hope of improving night vision, but this is dangerous for other road users. Without the proper xenon projector lens, the light beam does not converge and creates glare to other drivers on the opposite side of the road. This is because the original headlight chrome reflector was designed for halogen bulbs and not xenon.

The only solution for this problem is to get a bi-xenon projector lens that can do both high and low beams on one headlight. Basically, the projector has a “shield” that stops a part of light coming through when in high beam pattern and the projector solenoid activates the shield down when you turn on your high-beam lights. Then when you switch to the low-beam mode, the shield rises up again to prevent blinding other traffic.

Royalin offers different sizes of bi-xenon projector lenses ranging from 1.8 inch to 3.2 inch, to fit most popular car models like Kioto Q5, Honda Civic, Evox-R and Hella G5 etc. All of our bi-xenon projects are DOT and ECE approved, with a sharp cutoff and great light output. This is a huge improvement over those cheap HID kits that are so popular out there. Royalin xenon projectors will make your car brighter and safer at night!

Light Output

The most important thing to consider when installing a new projector lens is the light output. Whether you’re looking for more intense HID bulbs or just want to upgrade your halogen bulbs, you need to get the best quality lenses. The Royalin mini h1 bi-xenon headlight projector lens is the perfect solution for anyone looking to improve their car’s light output. This projector lens has been designed to fit in the original fog lamp bezel with no drilling or grinding required, and it works with all H4, H7, and most Xenon bulbs.

It also comes with a clear glass lens pre-installed, which means you’re getting the most out of your headlights. Additionally, it features a high-quality electromagnetic solenoid with an impressively low stuck rate and switching frequency.

The reason why it’s so popular is because it allows you to upgrade your OEM headlights to bi-xenon, allowing you to enjoy more lighting on the road without worrying about stray lights blinding other drivers. The bi-xenon headlights have two bulbs, one for low and the other for high beam. The shield inside the housing is on a hinge, so when you activate your high beams, the projector solenoid pulls it down to expose more of the light. Once the high beam is turned off, the shield will retract to stop any of the light from shining beyond the cut-off line, preventing it from blinding oncoming traffic.


Some people install a simple plug and play HID kit (without projectors) into their halogen headlight in order to get xenon light. However, the result is not safe for themselves and other road users because the light beam is deformed, causing glare to others. The xenon projector lens solves this problem because it brings a nice sharp cutoff and a bright hotspot for the car, making the driving much safer.

Royalin mini h1 bi-xenon projector lens inherits the outstanding high beam of Hella 5G and enhances the low beam pattern for a better distribution of the light and a stunningly wide and even light output. It also bi xenon projector lens offers a super-strong, very concentrated hotspot which makes it the best projector for LED bulbs.

The key to the bi-xenon function is a special “shield” which can be pulled or pushed down by the projector solenoid depending on whether you’re running on high or low beam. When the solenoid is activated for high beam, it pulls down the shield to expose more of the light through the lens and creates a higher brightness than your halogen headlights. When you turn off your high beams, the shield rises up again to prevent blinding other traffic on the road. Royalin bi-xenon projectors are DOT and ECE approved to ensure your safety. They are easy to install, just remove your fog light, insert the threaded mounting shaft with the pre-existing hole in the rear of your reflector bowl, add the locking ring and tighten it – minimal cutting is needed.

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