Dual Lens Security Camera

Dual Lens Security Camera

The dual lens security camera is one of the newest types of cameras on the market. It is designed to protect your home by combining both a wide-angle and a telephoto view into one video feed.

Smart motion detection can recognize vehicles, people or animals and alert you in real time. It also has bright spotlights to deter unwanted intruders day and night.


The dual lens security camera is a revolutionary device that uses two cameras to capture different perspectives simultaneously and merge them into one image. With this, you will be able to get a wider view of the scene and see finer details that would have been missed by a single-lens camera. The device is also able to detect motion and send instant alerts to your mobile devices.

These advanced devices can be used for home or business purposes. They come with a variety of features including person and vehicle detection, night time color video, 2K resolution, and a choice between battery or solar power. They also feature a powerful alarm system with spotlights and a siren to deter intruders.

This type of security camera can record videos directly onto a microSD card, which means you don’t have to pay for monthly cloud storage fees. You can also view the recordings from a computer using the free Gwell app.

The device is also equipped with smart motion detection, which can identify a person or a car and send you an alert. It can also use the built-in IR LEDs to provide night vision for up to 80 meters. It can also monitor a wide area with its 180° ultra-wide viewing angle. It can also record audio and provide two-way communication with people outside your home.


Dual lens security cameras can improve a camera’s ability to focus by using two lenses to record footage simultaneously. This can help a camera capture clearer images and videos in low-light conditions. The earliest example of a dual-lens camera was the twin-lens reflex camera (TLR), invented in the late 1800s. This type of camera had one lens to take pictures and a second to act as a viewfinder, allowing photographers to see what the final image would look like before it was taken.

A dual-lens camera can also provide a more flexible viewing angle, by using different lens to capture different perspectives of the same scene. For instance, a dual-lens PTZ camera can pan Dual Lens Secuirty Camera and tilt a large area, ensuring that no blind spot is left unprotected. The camera can also zoom in on a specific area and record the video in full HD or 4K resolution.

In addition, the dual-lens design can help a camera to support optical zoom. This is a significant improvement over digital zoom, as it allows the camera to maintain image quality and details during the process. In addition, it can also improve the performance of AI functions such as facial recognition and pet detection. Moreover, since the board lens and motorized zoom lens have fixed focal lengths, the dual-lens camera can switch between the two sensors extremely fast. This feature is especially useful in battery powered cameras, as it can save power and extend the running time of the camera.


Dual lens cameras take two pictures of the same scene with slightly different perspectives. The images are then merged using advanced technology to create a single, clear and detailed image. This technology offers a number of benefits, including improved focusing speed and more realistic footage.

MOBOTIX dual-camera systems also feature modular day and night modules that can be combined to suit specific lighting conditions. This reduces power consumption even further, while still maintaining a high-quality recording in low-light conditions without the need for additional lighting.

The dual-lens design of these security cameras combines a wide-angle and a telephoto lens to provide a complete overview of Dual Lens Secuirty Camera your property. This allows you to keep an eye on every detail and make sure everything is secure. In addition, these cameras also have a built-in AI that can detect and alert you when it recognizes any suspicious activity.

Dual-lens security cameras have a board lens and a motorized zoom lens, which makes them more efficient than traditional panoramic cameras that use a fisheye or multiple pieces of lenses to capture the full view. Additionally, dual-lens camera designs are able to switch between the two sensors quickly to improve the performance of AI functions such as face detection and pet recognition. This ensures that you won’t miss any important details and is a great way to prevent false alarms.


Using advanced dual-lens technology, these state-of-the-art cameras can identify people and vehicles among other objects and alert you only when there is a real threat. They can also trigger lights and sound to deter unwanted intruders. They are ideal for homes and businesses, as well as schools and hospitals. They have many features including two-way audio, live view, easy remote access and IP66 weatherproof.

The Dual Lens Security Camera can monitor your property day and night, thanks to its intelligent motion detection system. This is based on a deep learning platform and supports a wide range of functions, including line crossing detection, intrusion detection, region entrance and exiting detection. You can receive instant push notifications on your mobile devices when any abnormal events are detected.

The Dual Lens Security Camera features dual 4 Megapixel fixed 2.8mm lenses that provide an ultra-wide 180 degree video field of view. This is perfect for securing large areas and covering blind spots. It uses video stitching technology to merge the images from both lenses into one video. This creates a panoramic image that is rich in detail and has more accurate color than traditional panoramic cameras. It also features an improved IR range for better night time viewing.

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