6Inch LED Work Light

6Inch LED Work Light

High powered LED work lights improve your visibility by providing a brighter and clearer light experience similar to daylight. This helps you to perform tasks safely and efficiently and reduces eye strain and fatigue from long days of work.

Black stealth slimline flush mount housing houses 30W of high output OSRAM LED’s. This is a premium LED work light that is resistant to vibration, dust, moisture and extreme temperatures.

Powerful & Durable

Our 6Inch Led Work Light are ultra-bright and durable, making them perfect for a wide variety of applications. Choose a narrow-beamed LED work light to provide long distance visibility, or a wider-beamed model for all-around illumination. Regardless of what your application is, these LED work lights are designed to resist dust, dirt and other environmental contaminants. Additionally, these 12v LED lights are sealed to IP-68 rating, ensuring they can handle the elements.

Rugged & Durable

This heavy duty LED work light is made with powder coated aluminium housing and virtually indestructible hardened PC lens. 6Inch Led Work Light Featuring superior heat dissipation through an upgraded inbuilt aluminum heat sink, this LED light is able to stand up against scorching environments. The CREE chips inside ensure 78% relative luminosity, providing you with a powerful lighting performance.

Optically Upgraded, The grid layout offers a well-distributed flood beam and a stunning 6000K color temperature for better brightness. This makes this LED work light a powerful tool for construction sites, where night falls quickly and workers need to carry on working even with limited ambient lighting.

The new design of this ultra-thin work/driving light features a remote junction box that houses the wiring and connections. This enables it to be installed flush against the ceiling, so you can have more room for other accessories. These slim LED lights are also available in a strobe mode, so you can switch between steady white and strobe with the press of a button.

Easy to Install & Adjust

The work lights for trucks stocked here are made to withstand the elements and harsh environments. These LED light bars are durable enough to withstand vibration, impact, wide temperature ranges, and even the occasional drop. They are also highly resistant to moisture and can be used in wet conditions. This is because they are fully sealed and made of durable tempered glass.

These powerful LED work/driving lights are available in a variety of different styles. Some are slim recessed LED lights that mount flush with the ceiling and use a remote junction box to house the wiring and connections. These are often called “canless” LED lights and are ideal for new construction applications where there is ample ceiling clearance.

Others are ultra-thin recessed work/driving lights that feature a driver built into the fixture. These can be installed in any location where there is access to the ceiling, and they are often used in new construction to reduce the cost of drywall installation.

To install these types of work/driving lights, you will need a power supply that can deliver up to 5.0 amps at 12V, a means to cut round 6Inch Led Work Light holes in the ceiling, 14-2 NM-B cable, and basic electrical tools. Then, find a spot to mount the work/driving lights that is within the recommended distance of your chosen fixture. Mark the appropriate hole size on the ceiling using a pencil, then use a jab saw to make the cut-out. Connect the work/driving lights to their respective drivers by connecting the cable plugs together and paying close attention to the directional arrows on each plug (there is one molded into the connector on the light side and one on the driver side).

Easy to Operate & Maintain

Featuring 6 high-power Cree LED diodes, this powerful and versatile work light emits a brighter and crisper 6000K color temperature. This offers a more natural white light that is much clearer and better looking than yellowish halogen bulbs, making it the perfect upgrade for your truck or 4×4. It also provides a wide and focused 60-degree beam angle.

Black stealth flush mount, 30W’s of OSRAM LED chips are precisely aligned within the unique optic drive reflectors to reduce glare and maximize performance. These slim work/driving lights are built for distance and width, producing 3200 Lumens per light.

Our high-intensity CREE LED work lights are designed to last. They are highly resistant to vibration, impact, wide temperature ranges and can withstand the test of time. This makes them ideal for use on off-road vehicles, work trucks, emergency response vehicle, campers and more.

The 1070 aluminum housing is abrasion-resistant and designed to handle the roughest environments. It also allows for faster heat dissipation, ensuring the lifespan of your lights is extended beyond the industry standard. The water-resistant seal means that these lights can withstand immersion in depths of up to 1 meter for 30 minutes. This enables them to be used on extreme off-road adventures in any weather conditions.

Long Lifespan

A high quality 6Inch Led Work Light offers a lifespan up to 100,000 hours, which means you can use it for years without replacing bulbs. It uses less power than halogen lights, which saves you money in the long run. Additionally, it is easy to operate and maintain.

You can choose from a variety of different options when shopping for a LED work lamp for your tractor. The key factors to consider are wattage and lumen. Wattage refers to the size of the LED chip, while lumen is used to measure how much light is produced by a certain type of LED. Wattage is important because it determines how bright your LED work lamp will be.

For example, a tractor work light with a lower wattage will produce more light than one with a higher wattage. You should also consider the beam angle and if the work light is waterproof. Blue LED lights are popular for agricultural applications because they enlarge the perceived space of farm equipment and can help identify blocked or poorly performing spray nozzles.

The rugged design of this heavy-duty LED work light is built to withstand brutal conditions and tough environments. The powder coated aluminium housing and virtually indestructible hardened PC lens are sealed to a IP-68 rating to resist oil, spray, washdown, and even chemicals like hydrochloric acid. Optically upgraded with a grid layout that offers a well-distributed flood beam, this powerful work light provides more focused and penetrative lighting to improve your visibility at night and during tough jobs.

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