Round LED Headlight

Round LED Headlight

Round LED Headlight

The high brightness output from this Round LED Headlight translates into significantly improved road visibility. This can greatly reduce your stopping distance during a car accident and overall improve your safety.

These LED lights fit most vehicles and motorcycles that use standard 7″ Round headlights with sealed beam type bulbs. They have low and high beam functionality with amber turn signals.

High Beam

The High Beam feature provides a brighter, longer-range view of the road for nighttime driving. While it’s tempting to leave your high-beams on all the time, this can actually be dangerous for you and other road users. High-beams blind other drivers with a powerful blast of light that reduces their visibility (sometimes for an extended period of time).

Our 7” LED headlights have both low and high beam functionality. They feature an advanced complex reflector optics for a wide and long-range view. With a higher lumen output and improved case design, they provide more light for safer driving at night.

DOT-compliant with built-in LED DRL and turn signal functions. These lights replace the OEM PAR56 7″ headlights on Mack trucks and Thomas Built buses and are also an excellent replacement for classic cars and hot rods with 7” round sealed beam housings. The lead-crystal glass lens resists oxidation and keeps its clear appearance longer than plastic lenses. The LED’s are securely embedded into the heavy-duty cast aluminum housing to protect them from impact and vibration.

With a modern, pure white LED light output, these headlights are the perfect replacement for old halogen bulbs in vintage vehicles. They are designed to fit in the shallow buckets behind older sealed beams without a bulky, stick-out design. They are a great choice for restoration and muscle cars as well as a newer Jeep Wrangler or Indian Motorcycle with a 7” round housing.

Low Beam

These headlights feature a low beam that’s nearly three times brighter than Round LED Headlight your factory lights and a high beam that illuminates the road ahead by about twice as much. The bulbs last up to 50,000 hours and they produce a focused light output that eliminates dark spots. This headlight also has a built-in LED daytime running light and a turn signal, making it the perfect choice for trucks or classic cars. These headlights are backed by a three-year warranty and they’re easy to install.

These 7-inch round LED headlights are designed to fit your Jeep’s original sealed beam housings. They’re powered by advanced Philips-Lumiled LEDs for maximum brightness and a long lifespan. The heavy-duty polycarbonate lens is UV-coated to resist fading over time. These headlights also come with a standard H4 wiring connector for a simple installation.

These headlights from Beamtech use an aviation aluminum shell to disperse heat and keep the internal components cool. They’re also quieter than headlights that rely on fans for cooling, so they won’t disturb your neighbors when you’re driving at night. These headlights are DOT-approved and they’re available in a variety of colors so you can find the perfect look for your vehicle. The high-quality build and performance make these headlights a top pick for any Jeep enthusiast. They’re also easy to install, so you can have them on your ride in no time.

Daytime Running Light (DRL)

This DOT-approved LED headlight is an excellent choice for classic cars, trucks, off-road vehicles, and Jeeps. It’s designed to be a direct replacement for your original headlight and is easy to install. It also uses less power, making it an energy-efficient option.

This headlight offers a high-quality light output that can be used on low or high beam mode. Its metalized reflector optics provide a smooth lighting experience. It also features an anti-scratch polycarbonate lens and a die-cast aluminum housing for durability. It also comes with a waterproof and dustproof design for use in harsh environments.

The SKTYANTS 7 Inch Round LED Headlight is an excellent choice for motorcycles that require a durable and reliable headlight. Its high-quality LEDs can illuminate the road ahead and deliver a brighter, crisper, and whiter light output than traditional halogen bulbs. Its powerful LED chips produce an impressive amount of brightness that will help you see even the smallest obstacles on the road.

Unlike other LED headlights on the market, these come with an in-built daytime running lamp (DRL). This feature is essential for cars that are required to have DRL to pass safety Round LED Headlight inspections. This headlight also has a built-in heat sink that helps to keep the LEDs cool, which increases their lifespan and ensures that they are more reliable.

Turn Signal Light

Designed to fit the 7″ round headlights found in 1997-2017 Jeep Wrangler TJ & JK and other classic cars / trucks, these LED sealed beam lights provide brighter light output than traditional halogen bulbs with the ability to keep your original style. They feature a built in white bar “running light” and amber turn signal with a single control module. This means no need for a separate wire connectors and they are DOT legal and street-worthy!

The heavy duty die-cast housings double as heat sinks to help the LED’s stay cool for a long lifespan. Optical clarity is improved by metalized reflectors that produce a more well-distributed high and low beam pattern for increased range and visibility. LED technology uses less power than traditional halogen lights so they last much longer and reduce eye fatigue for safer driving at night.

The ECE version features a separate turn signal with DRL function so that you can legally use them on the road in Europe and countries that follow European lighting regulations. This kit also includes a 701-491 anti-flicker harness to ensure your lights perform properly and don’t flicker. This is a complete upgrade that will improve the safety and usability of your vehicle at night! The best part is that this is a serviceable LED headlight so in the event of failure, simply replace the proprietary LED cartridge.

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