Trimless Downlight

Trimless Downlight

Trimless Downlight

Trimless Downlight is a plastered-in fitting where the rail and frame of the fixture are hidden or painted over, leaving only the internal fittings visible. This style has become very popular amongst designers and perfectionists that love minimalist clean line aesthetic.

Our trimless downlight has a dimmable GU10 spot, and can be controlled through any Smart Home System. It can be installed into new construction or remodel applications and is IC rated for direct contact with insulation.

1. Integrated fixture

Trimless recessed lighting gives you a cleaner, architectural lighting design look without a visible frame. It allows the light to play a dominant role in your space – something coveted by hotels, restaurants and shops as well as high-end residential spaces and galleries.

The trimless downlights are available in the standard GU10 and MR16 models as well as a wide range of LED options. The housing is finished with a sleek stoving varnish and comes Trimless Downlight in white or black. The luminaire can be installed in new construction or remodel applications — including Chicago plenum, air-tight IC and non-IC options.

The drywall ceiling system is designed to seamlessly integrate with the downlights. This system includes pre-cut ceiling panels that have the same profile as traditional drywall ceilings and are ready to accept trimless downlights. This system can be a cost-effective solution to achieve the trimless look without having to re-plaster. It’s also easy to install – just insert the drywall ceiling panel, screw the trimless downlight into place and feather in. The finished look is a clean, minimalist design that combines drywall and ceiling together.

2. Dimmable

Having an integrated dimmable fixture in a Trimless Downlight is a popular choice in hotels and restaurants. It’s all about making a great first impression when you welcome clients into the establishment, so the seamless design of the lighting solution is very important.

For new construction and remodel applications, the LED trimless downlight features a flangeless mount for a clean flush look. It’s IC rated for direct contact with insulation and easy installation in drywall ceilings. The trimless downlight is available in a variety of sizes, finishes and optical options to suit different architectural designs.

The recessed multiples feature a durable airtight, die-cast aluminum body with a multifaceted specular reflector and anti-glare PC lens. They are field selectable for 2700K, 3000K or 4000K and are compatible with most leading smart house systems. The innovative LED engine offers superior reliability, performance and consistency with a 90+ CRI. The downlight is also UL Wet Location and Air-Tite Rated. The housing aperture is sealed and secured to the mud frame with a gypsum plaster plate for a trimless finish.

3. Wide beam angle

Achieve a clean ceiling aesthetic that’s a hallmark of modern and contemporary interior design with flangeless trim downlights. Designed without a visible frame, they allow the lighting to become part of the architectural composition and are embraced by upscale retail stores, modern offices, high-end residential homes, prestigious hospitality spaces and galleries.

The trimless recessed LED downlight is available in a range of shapes, finishes and optic options to suit your project’s needs. It offers a slim profile that’s easy to install and can be plastered over, making it the perfect solution for tight plenum spaces with complex HVAC ducts, sprinkler pipes or conduit runs.

Choose from a selection of CCT and beam angle options including 17 (spot), 24 (narrow flood) or 40 (flood) degree beam angles and choice of 2700K, 3000K, 4000K or 5000K colour temperature and 85 or 90 CRI. It’s IC rated to allow direct contact with insulation and is suitable for use in a wide range of ceiling types. The fixture has a durable airtight die-cast aluminum body, multifaceted specular reflector and anti-glare PC lens.

4. Durability

Trimless downlights are the designer’s and perfectionist’s choice – they hide the frame of the fixture behind the ceiling to give a clean and seamless look. They are a great option for hotels, shops and private homes where the light is meant to play the dominant role in the design.

The GR-DL-Y series is our round trimless downlight that comes with different finishes and options to fit your ceiling. It has a durable and airtight die-cast aluminum body, anti-glare PC reflector, chrome, gold, matt white and matt black color options, fire rated level and top quality isolated driver.

The ultra thin LED downlight is IC rated so it can Trimless Downlight be installed directly to the drywall ceiling without insulation. It has a mud in trim plate to be plastered over and is available in 2″, 3.5″ or 6″ sizes for remodel and new construction applications. It also features a field selectable CCT and is dimmable with 0-10V or TRIAC. It is also suitable for new construction joist installations as it has a flangeless installation.

5. Flexibility

Aesthetically, a trimless downlight might be the coolest solution on the market. This is because it hides the frame of the downlight, leaving only the internal fitting visible – this makes the light itself play the dominant role in the design. This is a very popular look in hotels, restaurants and even private housing.

The NS18 offers a very simple solution to achieve this. It comes with a mud frame to be plastered over, which gives a clean, trimless appearance.

Furthermore, this frame is IC rated, meaning that you can install it in a dry wall without the need for additional insulation. This way, you can save time and money during installation.

In addition to that, the frame is designed for upgradability – so that you can add a control system later on if needed. This gives you total flexibility for the future and enables you to adjust your lighting to match your changing needs. This is a great feature, especially for hotel rooms where the atmosphere can change depending on what kind of customer you have.

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