Jumpsuits For Everyday and Special Occasions

Jumpsuits For Everyday and Special Occasions

Jumpsuits can be the answer to figuring out what to wear for a party or a date. They can also be a statement piece.

The right jumpsuit marries the best of dresses and trousers. They are easy to slip on and, if they fit well, can make you look several inches taller and slimmer.

1. Flattering

Unlike the oversized jumpsuits that were popular in the 80’s, today’s styles are much more figure-flattering. They come in various shapes and fabrics, making them flattering on every body type. For curvy ladies, a jumpsuit that is cinched at the waistline and draped at the lower body creates an hourglass shape. Look for dark colors like navy, black and burgundy – they are more slimming and hide pounds better than lighter ones.

Petite ladies can also benefit from a jumpsuit’s slimming effect, as long hemlines make you look taller and leaner. Try to avoid jumpsuits that are too flowy or have large details, as these can overwhelm your petite frame.

Jumpsuits are flattering on any body shape, but they can be especially flattering for apple-shaped ladies. A v-neck jumpsuit with a belt can define the waistline, while loose bottoms accentuate your legs. Wear a pair of heels with this style, and you’ll be ready to rock any occasion. This is one piece of fashion that you will find yourself wearing over and over again!

2. Comfortable

Jumpsuits are designed for comfort, with loose-fitting styles that move with you. They are ideal for hot weather and casual settings, but can Jumpsuits also be dressed up for work and evening wear.

While rompers often have a playful, vacation feel, jumpsuits are dressier with a more sophisticated silhouette. Whether you opt for this textured cotton style by the Good Housekeeping Institute Textiles Lab (which comes in coral, navy and cream) or a more formal look like this linen option from M.C. Overalls (PS135 each) you will be sure to turn heads in your stylish choice.

Casual jumpsuits work well with loose beach waves, while more formal looks can be worn with a low ponytail or a tight bun. If you are planning to wear your jumpsuit at work, make sure that it has a leg that tapers at the right end. This will allow you to stand up and sit down easily without developing the dreaded “mom butt”.

3. Versatile

A jumpsuit is a fashion essential that can be dressed up for a special occasion or down for everyday wear. You can dress it up with heels and a bold clutch or you can go for a more casual look with sneakers and a denim jacket. You can even add some drama with a lace jumpsuit or a bodycon option with sequins and sheer materials.

A great way to make a statement is by wearing a jumpsuit with a pair of high-waisted shorts. This is the perfect look for a party or when you are going out to brunch with friends. Norma Kamali is known for her jumpsuits that are both stylish and versatile. Her designs come in a variety of colors and patterns, so you are sure to find the right one for your style.

If you want a more formal look, try a silk jumpsuit. This will give you a sophisticated and elegant style that is perfect for a formal event. You can even dress it up with a pair of pumps or heels for a night out on the town.

4. Easy to Wear

Jumpsuits are easy to dress up or down for a variety of occasions, from casual brunches with friends to formal dinner parties. They come in a wide range of colors and fabrics that can be mixed and matched to suit your style.

For casual occasions, choose a jumpsuit that is comfortable and easy to move in. Then, pair it with sandals or sneakers and a cross body bag for a relaxed look. Or, dress up a jumpsuit by adding heels, jewelry, and a clutch for a more elegant look.

To make a jumpsuit more polished, try adding a belt or cinching it at your natural waistline to create a lengthier illusion. This trick also works for petites, as long as the fit is not too tight.

For example, this deep v-neck jumpsuit is perfect for winter weddings and work cocktail parties, but can also be worn with a camisole under it for the office or Jumpsuits a jacket and sneakers for casual outings. Add jewelry and a cross body bag to complete the look.

5. Time-Saving

Jumpsuits, also known as rompers, are a go-to clothing piece for many women. Whether it’s to lounge in the house or run errands, they are perfect for casual occasions and even serve as a great formal wear. They are available in a wide variety of colors, fabrics and styles that can suit almost any occasion.

Jump suits flatter all body shapes and sizes. Whether you are apple-shaped or pear-shaped, they have the ability to cinch in at the waist and create those natural hourglass curves that every woman has. When paired with heels, they instantly slim the legs and make the wearer appear longer and leaner.

Moreover, those who have shorter legs should opt for jumpsuits that cover the torso and lower legs in one continuous piece of fabric. Choosing the right neckline also helps to frame the structure of the body while enhancing its appearance. A neckline that is off the shoulder or strapless looks great when worn with a jumpsuit. However, it’s important to keep in mind that a jumpsuit can look too revealing for a professional setting if the crotch area is not covered.

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