Smart Woven Bracelets

Smart Woven Bracelets

Smart Woven Bracelets

Friendship bracelets have long been a popular way to show your friends how much you care. Now, these fashionable accessories come with built-in tech.

Designed by Seattle-based startup Jewelbots, the programmable bracelets sync with each other via Bluetooth to let wearers know when their pals are nearby. The baubles also light up and display other settings that can be fully modified on an accompanying app.

Braided and Woven Details

As the bracelet craze resurfaces, it has given rise to smarter versions that have added technology. One such new accessory is Jewelbots, a set of programmable jewelry that lets girls swap bracelets with their friends. The bracelets sync to one Smart Woven Bracelets another through Bluetooth and light up when they’re close by. Unlike traditional friendship bracelets, these are designed to teach girls about programming and engineering.

The woven and braided design of the bracelet is inspired by friendship bracelets, and makes it easy to create a carefree style that’s all your own. The bracelets are crafted from natural fibers of linen, silk, and wool, and feature a lobster clasp closure. Wear them alone or stack them together for a look that’s uniquely your own.

The Braid-tastic Work Station helps children of all ages independently design and create their own braided and woven beaded bracelets. The kit comes with pre-wrapped spools of colorful cording, strand holders to help little hands, a beading grid and fun templates to follow. It also includes a beaded pattern bracelet to practice the skills they learn, along with a variety of beads and tools. These bracelets can be adorned with different logos, designs or QR codes, and are suitable for any event or function. They can also be used for access control or cashless payment.


Knowing how to weave multiple strands of colorful thread may not get a girl into CalTech, but it’ll definitely help her make new friends. Jewelry maker Jewelbots’ programmable friendship bracelets take the concept to a whole new level, with built-in tech that updates the old-school tradition for the modern STEM toy generation.

The bracelets connect over Bluetooth and use sensors to detect touch, movement and light. They can also change color and play music to match your mood or the vibe of a party.

Once you download the app and set up a profile, the app will automatically search for your bracelet’s Bluetooth signal. You’ll then be prompted to add one another through your contacts list, and the bracelets will be connected.

When you touch each other, a light will flash on the bracelets to let your friend know you’re there. You can even send messages like a high five with a flick of the wrist.

The thin woven bracelet adjusts to fit your wrist size. Fully closed it measures 6 inches and opens up to 10 inches to slip over your hand. It’s available in 18 colors, including navy, yellow, red, blue, grey, black, green and forest green. You can also choose from a variety of different patterns, including a chevron pattern. Once you’re done, you can tie a knot in the end to secure it.

Water Resistant

As the latest smart technology takes over our lives, even friendship bracelets are getting an upgrade. One company’s new product is a bracelet that syncs with your BFF’s, and lights up when they’re nearby. It’s not the Smart Woven Bracelets first of its kind, but it hopes to capitalize on the popularity of loom bands, and is targeted towards teens.

The bracelets are water resistant, and it’s safe to wear them in the shower or ocean. However, it’s not a good idea to swim with them or use them for any activities that involve high-velocity water or deep submersion. Also, you shouldn’t put them in contact with soaps, solvents, hand lotions, or insect repellants. The colors might bleed, and the waterproof feature isn’t a guarantee against these chemicals.

The bracelets are made with classic sun and moon elements, which look stylish and fashionable. They are also engraved with a Jane Austen quote “My heart is, and will always be yours” which makes them unique and beautiful. They’re powered by totwoo’s NB16 chip which enables multiple functions like sending secret messages, setting reminders for anniversaries, and receiving call notifications. Additionally, they’re waterproof and rechargeable for long-term use. They’re a great choice for couples, siblings, or friends who are in long distance relationships.

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This year, tween BFFs can connect with each other in a new way, thanks to jewelry that syncs over Bluetooth and lights up when your pals are nearby. Called Jewelbots, the bracelets from Gemio are designed to be feminine and fun—but their patent-pending technology is aimed at kids who love coding, says Bettua.

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